Shopanova Announces Brand Velocity Framework Program

November 02 18:18 2021
Shopanova Announces Brand Velocity Framework Program
The mission is to promote growth and revenue for eCommerce store owners

Cofounders Daniel Stafford and Robby Switzer are pleased to announce Shopanova’s new brand velocity framework program to help drive revenue and promote growth for eCommerce store owners, via advertising equipped to make clients more money.

Shopanova is an ideal growth partner for all retail brands, online stores, and entrepreneurs, who want to generate more revenue and fewer excuses. In adopting the brand velocity framework, clients can have a detailed plan drawn up and then see it executed.

“Shopanova exists to help crush sales plateaus and reach unthinkable heights,” Stafford said.

The company has already generated over $150 million for its clients, amassing 3x the average revenue growth along the way. Shopanova is results-driven in employing marketing principles and adapting them to the climate of clients’ respective industries to garner results. It’s goal is to empower clients to grow revenue by relieving them of the stress of advertising, which is achieved through collaboration and building authentic relationships.

“We have created our own processes and effective sales funnels to fully leverage the power of advertising online for our clients and we are helping everyone make more money than ever,” said Switzer. “This includes our growing Shopanova family. We have come a long way from the months wondering how we’d pay our rent or feed our families, building an amazing tribe along the way. We’re truly grateful for all that we have and each client we are blessed to serve as well.”

The company offers numerous marketing services and on multiple platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, Google, and email campaigns, and spans across creative services in video ad production, user-generated content, photography, and even online store design.

Potential clients who are prepared to increase revenue and both kickstart or revitalize their online advertising and presence can receive an exclusive and customized brand velocity plan in their niche, equipped with a suite of marketing tools and creative services, at Shopanova.

About Shopanova

Shopanova is a modern growth media buying agency for eCommerce shops. They have been able to grow their clients’ monthly revenues from 5-figures all the way to 7-figures and beyond. Shopanova has been featured in Yahoo! Finance, Bloomberg Business, NBC, and more. For more information on how to build a generational online brand and scale your business to millions, please visit

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