How To Remove Hair by using Hair Removal Devices

November 02 15:30 2021

Hair removal methods are roughly divided

• Photoepilation

• Medical laser hair removal

• Needle hair removal

It can be divided into three types.

The mechanism of hair removal for photoepilation and medical laser hair removal is basically the same.

By shining light that reacts with the pigment called melanin in the hair root, it damages the hair growth tissue and removes hair.

Even if the mechanism is the same, the output of the hair remover used for the treatment is significantly different.

The hair removal device used for photoepilation has a weaker output than laser hair removal, so it has the advantages of higher safety and less pain.

On the other hand, needle hair removal has a fundamentally different treatment mechanism.

A thin electrode is inserted into the hair follicle to be depilated, and electricity is applied to process the hair growth tissue itself.

Since each pore is treated reliably, it is possible to remove hair regardless of the thickness and color of the hair, and it is an advantage that you can expect a reliable permanent hair removal effect, but since it is treated one by one, it takes time and cost. Will take. And above all, it is very painful.

Since needle hair removal is also a medical practice under the current law, photo-epilation that can be received at a salon is sometimes called beauty hair removal.

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