Expert Data Storyteller Lea Pica Empowers Data Practitioners with Actionable Data Presentation and Visualization Skills

November 02 17:21 2021
Lea Pica uses neuroscience-based principles of information sharing and cinematic data storytelling to inspire action.

Data is powerful. It can establish trust and inspire actions that bring positive changes. However, a lot of these are hinged on how it is presented. Industry-recognized data storytelling advocate, educator, and professional keynote speaker Lea Pica can help with this. By leveraging her expertise, Pica equips data and marketing practitioners with the tools they need to inspire action and gain recognition through impactful data visualization and presentation.

“Data practitioners and presenters aren’t struggling with a PowerPoint problem. It’s a people problem, where a massive skills gap prevents them from presenting data effectively and inspiring their stakeholders to take action. My mission is to help close that skills gap,” says Pica.

According to her, the problem of ineffective presentation lies in the lack of a cohesive story in a boatload of information. Many presenters fail to understand how the brain absorbs information and thus, simply present their data slide after slide. They lack a framework of what they want to achieve.

Pica’s live workshops and virtual training provide fool-proof neuroscience-based tips on conveying information with a compelling narrative storyline. She shares her complete data storytelling toolbox with clients, helping them level up in data presentation planning, visual design, and delivery.

Pica currently offers private training workshops, online courses, and individual coaching to data practitioners and leaders who want their data stories to drive change and results.

In 2022, she is set to publish her book Story-Driven Data, which deep dives into the her top presentation, data visualization, storytelling, and public speaking practices.

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