Five Basic Movements Of Kettlebells That Fitness Enthusiasts Must Know

November 01 21:32 2021

Kettlebells are very popular in the gym. Since there are many weight options, it can be used by both men and women. And this sports equipment can be used for various actions such as pushing, lifting, lifting and throwing. Because of its diversification and ease of use, kettlebells have been loved by many people. Then Yolanda Fitness will introduce five basic movements of the kettlebell.

The kettlebell swings.

The main thing of the kettlebell swing is to help people exercise their thighs, buttocks and the lower part of the back. At the beginning of the action, everyone should hold the kettlebell in both hands, place the kettlebell between their legs, and then lean forward from the hips to the upper body. At this time, people’s backs still have to be straight. Then move the swinging kettlebell back, they can directly use the explosive force of body to swing the kettlebell forward. When the kettlebell is about the same height as chest, guys can stop. But remember to keep arms straight and full of explosive force. Try to stretch hips, knees, and ankles as much as possible.

Kettlebell rowing with arms.

This movement can take advantage of the muscle groups in the back, as well as the arms and shoulders. First, keep it upright. Then open both feet, hip-width apart. The knees of both feet are slightly bent. Next, lean upper body and width forward a little bit, and then still keep back straight and bend knees. Hold the kettlebell in hand and hold the two kettlebells opposite each other. Keep arms straight down, keep two elbows close to the edge of body, and then lift the kettlebell up. When the lift reaches the highest point, squeeze each other with shoulder blades and slowly return to the original point.

Kettlebell goblet squat.

This action can mainly exercise the muscle groups of the legs and buttocks. First open feet wider than shoulders, and then open toes a little bit outward. However, the curvature of the toe opening is also very important, because the curvature of the toe should be the same when the knee is squatting. Next, hold both hands at sides, retract elbows a little, and then squat down with chest up and head up. Keep back straight while squatting. Both elbows still have to fall in the knees on the inner thighs at the last minute.

The one-arm kettlebell floor bench press exercises the chest and first lie on the ground.

After grasping the kettlebell handle with one hand, push the Hu collar up, and then rotate the wrist so that the palm of the hand is in the same direction as the foot. After the kettlebell was pulled to the shoulder, it slowly returned to its original position.

The kettlebell deadlift.

This movement can exercise the legs, buttocks and back. First, bend knees and hold the kettlebell in hand. Put hips back, and make body prepare for deadlift. Push the hip forward forcefully, then clamp the butt, and then slowly pull it back to its original position.

The above five movements are relatively classic movements among the kettlebell movements. If people have this exercise equipment, use it immediately.

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