Cheong GU Metal Produces Luxurious Interior Materials Such as Door Stoppers Using Elegant Paint Colors

November 02 01:09 2021

Cheong Gu Metal has been dedicated to developing practical and high-quality hardware based on specialized die-casting development and its automated production systems. Its main products are furniture hardware, interior hardware, window/door hardware, and auxiliary hardware. Cheong Gu Metal produces more luxurious and colorful hardware products in house, such as furniture hardware, interior hardware, window/door hardware, and auxiliary hardware, using elegant paint colors rather than conventional plating.

Its representative window/door hardware products are one-touch door stoppers and magnetic door stoppers.

The company provides door stoppers in a wide range of 5 to 7 colors, such as gray, silver, gold, black, brown, and dark gray. In addition, as stoppers are widely used for fire doors and front doors, its products minimize rubber slipping and consist of X beads on the body, resulting in low damage even when subjected to strong force, and they are also beautifully designed.

In order to create luxurious colors, Cheong Gu Metal uses heat treatment and the baking coating method, further diversifying product colors and increasing customer satisfaction. Baking coating is a paint drying method that is mainly used for coating metal. Acrylic baking coating is eco-friendlier than conventional plating, is strong against salt, and has good durability, so it is robust against scratches. Cheong Gu Metal produces high-quality and beautiful products by forming a robust and uniform coating using acrylic baking coating, a method that solidifies by heating and is the best among the current coating methods.

The baking coating method is to produce a far more colorful appearance than conventional methods, and by switching all production to using eco-friendly paint coloring rather than plating such as chrome, new black, or copper black, it contributes to solving the wastewater environment problem.

A company official said, “This has been a major quality upgrade, and we will focus our efforts on releasing more quality products by producing more luxurious product colors and upgrading durability based on research conducted in our own research lab.”

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