HULT Private Capital See Surge In Interest As Investors Fear Inflation

November 01 16:08 2021
HULT Private Capital See Surge In Interest As Investors Fear Inflation

As the world navigates the aftermath of COVID19 and the full effect of Brexit unveils itself, investors have been rushing to secure their futures by moving out of cash savings into more resilient models, according to this City-based boutique wealth management firm, HULT Private Capital.

HULT Private Capital was in fact, founded to withstand such times, seeking out structured investments that could remain fruitful even in the midst of economic downturn. Senior advisor, John Hudson, is proud to be part of such a forward-thinking entity; ‘I joined HULT in times of prosperity, but if the past 2 years have taught us anything, it is most certainly that one cannot be too prepared! Our clients like the fact that we go into investments prepared for the worst but without compromising on the returns, whether predicted or guaranteed.’

The Office for Budget Report stated the rate of inflation in September 2021 stood at 3.1%, and is likely to rise in excess of 4% over the next year. The fiscal watchdog said ‘we expect CPI inflation to reach 4.4% next year, with the risks around that tilted to the upside. News since we closed our forecast would be consistent with inflation peaking at close to 5% next year.’

The fallout effects of a global pandemic and the slow pace of recovery in unprecedented times has been enough of a trigger warning for savvy investors to seek vehicles that offer security for their investment but deliver returns that offset hostile economic conditions. ‘In a recent conversation, one of our clients told me that “pensions, like any pot, can still burn if cooked too slowly”, using this as justification for seeking out short to mid-term investment models offering slightly more aggressive returns!’ said Hudson when asked how his clients are really feeling about the current economic climate. ‘I thought it was a great way to look at things because gone are the days that quarterly returns from blue chip safe havens are enough to gratify the endeavours of one trying to build a financial legacy.’

Like many wealth management companies, HULT Private Capital remain optimistic that the economy will eventually rebalance, but until then, assured us their door remains open for clients, both new and old, to explore opportunities specifically devised to withstand the pecuniary storm.

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