A New Trend in Fine Dining: Modern Balkan Cuisine with a Personal Chef

November 01 17:30 2021

Take a tour of the Balkans without leaving NYC! With a shot of homemade rakia, a traditional plum brandy at the beginning of the meal, and an elegant dessert inspired by the Balkan Region’s iconic dessert favorites at the end, Loza invites their guests to make new friends at the communal table as they eat and drink their way through all the countries in the region while never leaving the bright lights of the city. Ziveli! — here’s how chef Zivko Radojcic welcomes his guests.

Private dining has become very popular among the New York trendsetters, for various reasons: guests can enjoy delicious food prepared just for them, the atmosphere is much more intimate than in the big restaurants, they get a sneak peek at a high-end chef’s table. 

Chef Zivko explains what makes Loza private dining different from other similar experiences:

Loza is an intimate pop-up dining experience for the international food enthusiast, which brings traditional dishes from the Balkan and Mediterranean Region into the modern NYC culinary scene.

How does Loza private dining experience look like: 

The venue is carefully chosen so it complements the overall intimate dining experience. The idea is to Take a tour of the Balkans without leaving NYC, to make new friends at the communal table, to relax, and enjoy the warm hospitality that the people from the Balkans are known for.

Through a five-course meal, paired with wines made from native grapes, the Loza team, led by chef Zivko, guides their guests through an exciting journey of Balkan and Mediterranean cuisine. 

However, the fun doesn’t stop there — Loza’s Masterchef is famous for its specialties that are a unique blend of modern and traditional Balkan cuisine. No matter if guests are vegan, sea-food lovers, or just waiting for the dessert — at the chef Zivko’s table there would surely be something to satisfy even the most discerning taste.

Covid-19 friendly experience 

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way people gather with their family, friends, colleagues, or business partners. A private dining experience is a perfect combination of a small gathering but fulfilled with an amazing culinary experience where all the necessary measurements against the virus Covid-19 are taken into consideration. 


Try the unique Loza private dining experience, get on an exciting culinary journey and enjoy a combination of both familiar and unexpected flavors that come straight from the Balkans!

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