Garibay Ventures helps start-ups scale up by jumpstarting their revenue strategies

November 01 16:57 2021
Austin, TX based venture capital firm, Garibay Ventures is using its extensive connections and expertise to help start-ups secure vital capital, accelerate their revenue streams, and facilitate profitable mergers.

“I believe the best way to help founders thrive is to understand their strengths, weaknesses, ambitions, and needs,” explains founder, Anthony Garibay.

Garibay Venture’s dedicated team members are no strangers to the start-up process.

“We’ve had the privilege to collaborate with some of the brightest and the best. And we bring that collective experience to bear in supporting rising business stars to surpass their potential and make their mark on the U.S. startup scene,” continues Anthony.

Three key developmental pillars

Anthony Garibay Ventures’ unique approach rests on three key developmental pillars – expertise, collaboration, and trust – geared to guarantee results for its partners.

“The insights, knowledge, and proficiencies that we’ve gained working with some of the most influential figures in venture capitalism inform every project, pitch, investment that we take on. We believe productive partnerships are built on cooperation and open communications that benefit all parties every step of the way,” says Anthony.

“We understand that our clients and partners know their industry better than we do. Rather than trying to railroad them, we trust their input and ideas. That way, we’re better positioned to pair them with the right people, implement the right type of marketing strategy, and provide the right type of guidance to ensure their success.”

Valuable lessons learned working for a billionaire

As a 19-year-old freshman at the University of Texas, Anthony was determined to work with the best of the best in the business of wealth creation. 

“It took some ‘Sherlock Holmes’ level detection skills to establish Mr. Cuban’s contact handle but it was worth it. I can still remember the first message I sent him. ‘Mark, I believe I can help bring users to Cyber Dust with the influencers and managers that I have relationships with.’”

“I received a reply within 5 minutes,” continues Anthony. “I then spent six hours constructing the perfect email, detailing how I would help bring users on board. I didn’t expect a response for a few days, but surprisingly got one the same night reading, ‘Great, let’s do it.’ The rest, as the saying goes, is history.”

“The time I spent working for Mark taught me some incredibly valuable lessons that forever changed my outlook on life and the world of business. If you get an opportunity to work for an influential businessperson, it’s on you to do whatever it takes to deliver on your promises, be straight to the point, and put in your best efforts 24/7.”

“But the most valuable lesson by far was if you want to reach your goals, you need to stop talking about them and get started. Don’t be afraid to approach anyone with your great ideas, they could potentially change your life!”


Garibay Ventures was founded by investment expert Anthony Garibay in 2020. The firm combines proven experience in the venture capital field with data-driven business analysis to secure capital and reinforce revenue streams for start-ups and established businesses.

You can reach Anthony Garibay via email or follow him on Twitter (@ajundftd).

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