Trusted UC Advisor Makes Connection Easier in a Highly Digital World

November 01 14:06 2021
The trusted tech company offers an easy process for business and technology leaders to enable voice calling within Microsoft Teams.

Even before the pandemic, workers needed to connect with their clients and colleagues through online platforms such as Microsoft (MS) Teams. However, they are still not exempt from the technical difficulties they may face as they go along. Zooming into MS Teams, the tech company Trusted UC Advisor helps people efficiently call using the platform.

Trusted UC supports people in choosing the best MS Teams calling option and implementing direct routing that works for them. The team behind Trusted UC is also keen to lend a hand to those who are struggling to comprehend whether operator connect is right for their company, find the time to look into available options, and even migrate from their PBX to MS Teams calling. “Here, it’s Microsoft Teams Calling made simple,” said the company’s spokesperson.

Trusted UC believes that one need not to be a Microsoft licensing expert to enable Teams Calling. Their team acknowledges that everyone already has too much on their plate which makes it even more difficult for them to find the best solution for Microsoft Teams Calling. Trusted UC only has three easy steps for interested subscribers to their service. First, they’re encouraged to download their free start guide which includes choices for Microsoft Teams Calling. They can schedule a free 30-minute call with a Microsoft voice expert afterwards to talk about any clarifications they may have. Finally, they get to choose their preferred engagement model.

The aforesaid engagement model encapsulates three ways of working. This includes Do-it-yourself which has a free 30-minute consultation call alongside a guaranteed vendor down-selection and pricing negotiations among others. There is also the Do-It-With-You for $2,500 which has a dedicated project manager assigned to help in the DIY package, a 5-hour block of engineering time, and weekly status calls. The last package is the Do-It-For-You for $15,000 which is a 7-step, 8-week outsourced solution that comes with a dedicated team to manage the entire MS Teams Implementation.

Regardless of what is chosen among the engagement types, subscribers will certainly have the clarity they deserve to focus on their other strategic technology projects. As more businesses push for remote working, the demand to replace legacy phone solutions with Microsoft Teams Calling has increased. Many of Trusted UC clients can attest to the value that its service has given to their respective companies.

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About Trusted UC Advisor

Trusted UC Advisor is a tech consultancy that provides services to business leaders who want to enable Microsoft Teams Calling the easiest way possible. They have a guaranteed vendor selection, eliminate downtime, and reduce time to market.

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