Introducing Dope Manifestations: Spiritually-Aligned, Mindset-Focused Coloring Books Designed to Help Women Reclaim Their Power

October 28 15:54 2021

Founded by Two Millennials Amid Quarantine, Dope Manifestations Was Created Through a Rekindled Love for Coloring to Soothe Anxiety and Support Mental Health

It is no secret that society is currently facing a mental health crisis exacerbated by the impacts of the past year and a half. Unfortunately, far too many adults lack the tools and techniques to help soothe anxiety and cultivate meaningful and lasting growth. However, two millennials have made it their mission to provide a tangible means of support for adults, but especially women around the world who find themselves suffering from the onslaught of societal problems thrown their way.

Cathleen Jeanty and Evelyn Gallagher were no exception to the impacts of the current societal landscape. Eager for a mental escape that was both spiritually-aligned and mindset-focused, they rekindled their love of coloring. To their dismay, they could not find a single adult coloring book in the market to meet those benchmarks as most adult coloring books simply feature mandalas or scenery. Eager to be the change they wanted to see, they created Dope Manifestations – adult coloring books rooted in affirmations, powerful mindset tools, and spirituality.

Strategically designed to support adults in need of a mental escape in addition to a mindset shift, Dope Manifestations has taken off rapidly, helping women across the nation harness their inner power, overcome limiting beliefs, creativity, and strength. Breaking the norm of traditional coloring books in which the coloring pages are the final product, Dope Manifestations takes users on a spiritual awakening journey that sets the groundwork for positive and long-lasting change. As one proceeds to color the pages, the affirmations begin to cement in their mind, creating a subconscious mindset shift and a reminder of inner strength.

Cathleen and Evelyn have created two unique lines of books in the Dope Manifestations series. The first is centered around the money mindset, spiritual alignment, and love: the second line focuses on the individual signs of the zodiac for a more personalized experience. Each and every page in these masterfully designed books features a repeated affirmation to instill a habit of positive self-talk and love.

“We wanted to give women a tool that would allow them to find affirmative reinforcement within themselves: absent of interference from friends, family, partners, etc.,” said founders Evelyn Gallagher and Cathleen Jeanty. “We want women to reclaim their wholeness and remember the intrinsic strengths we are all born with but are told to dim.”

Through proof of concept, dedication to the craft, and unwavering commitment to helping women harness their inner strength and creativity, Evelyn Gallagher and Cathleen Jeanty’s purpose-driven vision has come to fruition with Dope Manifestations and this is just the beginning of the journey.

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About Dope Manifestations

Dope Manifestations is a wonderfully unique line of transformative adult coloring books designed to help people, especially women, feel spiritually-aligned amid the challenging landscape of society. Founded by Cathleen Jeanty and Evelyn Gallagher during the 2020 lockdowns, Dope Manifestations evolved from personal need to a global mission as the two millennials created a practical and tactful tool that everyone can use to find focus, feel balanced, and soothe anxiety throughout the current mental health crisis. By fusing a rekindled love of coloring with powerful mindset tools and affirmations, Dope Manifestations was born. Each book is strategically designed for adults using spiritually-aligned affirmations and themes to drive unprecedented growth while simultaneously cultivating a compassionate community of like-minded individuals.

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