International basketball star Cedric Blossom forays into coaching while continuing to play professionally

October 28 15:15 2021
Professional basketball player Cedric Blossom is setting a new trend by transitioning into coaching while still playing at the professional level.

Columbia, Maryland – October 28, 2021 – Maryland-based international professional basketball player Cedric Blossom announced that he has recently started his coaching career at Bishop Walsh School, Maryland. As of right now, he is performing the role of Assistant Coach with the school’s national team under the leadership of his former High School Associate Head Coach at Montrose Christian School, Dan Prete. 

Transitioning into coaching post retirement is nothing new for basketball players or athletes from most sports for that matter. But what makes Cedric’s shift to coaching a little different and inspiring is that the basketball star has chosen to start his transition while still in his prime. 

In an exclusive interview, Cedric shared that his first official coaching opportunity came about in 2020 when the global pandemic started and he had to stay home longer than usual until it was safe enough to travel abroad to play again.  He ended up joining forces with his former Associate Head Coach from his 2010-2011 national championship team at Montrose Christian School. After finishing his coaching debut with Bishop Walsh, he went directly back overseas to play again during the summer, joining his new team right in time before the playoffs and added another championship to his resume. That experience with a quick transition made him realize that it could be possible for him to coach and play all within the same year, sparking the idea to his new plan. 

“It’s simple for me. I love playing as well as coaching the game of basketball, so why not do both and become a trendsetter? I know that a lot of players don’t take the time to think early on about the next step in life once their playing career is over. I wanted to show younger players a better way of making that transition by continuing to do what I love while at the same time preparing for my future”, stated Cedric adding that the shift to coaching has helped him to jump-start his career in a major way.

A name of big repute across the international pro basketball scene, Cedric Blossom has played professionally overseas in South America for the last 5 years. A top favorite in the contemporary basketball space, he has won 2 back-to-back championships in La Liga Argentina. Prior to his pro career, Cedric played for division 1 school, Morgan State University in 2016 where he was an All-MEAC player and etched his name in the top 25 list of most points and rebounds in the program’s history. In high school, he attended nationally ranked basketball power house, Montrose Christian School, where he won the 2011 ESPN Rise National Invitational right after winning a county championship in 2010 and transferring from Hammond High School in Howard County.

While asked what he would like to pass on as a message to the aspiring basketball players in the area, Cedric said – “Find your passion outside of basketball first because often times it helps you figure out your purpose. Then work on that passion just as much as you work on your basketball skills. The key to success is to work as hard as possible as if you don’t have another option all while preparing another avenue for yourself. No one can play a sport at the highest level forever, so why not be steps ahead of everyone else and prepare early while still pursuing your dreams?” 

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