New Crypto platform Cryptars introduces World’s First series of virtual identity skins on Polygon blockchain

October 28 02:51 2021
Based on Polygon blockchain, Cryptars are innovative deflationary NFT skins that would enable content creators, gamers and streamers to maintain anonymity in the content creation space.

New York – October 27, 2021 – A new crypto platform is all set to bring a new wave in the crypto and gaming world. Titled “Cryptars”, the company has launched the world’s first series of virtual identity skins built on the Polygon blockchain for Content Creators, Youtubers, Streamers and Gamers, that can be used to maintain anonymity in the content creation space. The company also aims to bring the average consumer closer to the widespread use of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.

Bustling with 10,000 Cryptars that have been randomly generated with 150+ hand-drawn exclusive traits, Cryptars are the first dynamic, virtual series of deflationary NFT skins in the content creation, streaming and gaming space. 

In an exclusive interview, the Cryptars spokesperson shared that the Cryptars project will be the first of its kind to create history in the merging of the real world with the digital world, by using blockchain technology. The company envisions a “multiverse era” for the world and humans 2030 onwards- a futuristic age where the virtual gaming world would expand at an accelerated height to the point of becoming the mainstream hub for social interaction and entertainment. In such a situation, Cryptars, unique programmatically generated virtual skins, would enable content creators, gamers and streamers to maintain anonymity in the content creation space by adopting the virtual skins. 

The Cryptars are divided into 4 versions – Green, Blue, Indigo, and Gold. Of all the 4, the Gold version is the rarest one. All the Cryptars are crucial to the Cryptar metaverse. 

“Our project is the FIRST-of-its-kind in the NFT realm”, stated the spokesperson. 

“Developed on the Polygon (Matic) Network, hosted on IPFS and built on the ERC-721 non-fungible token standard, Cryptars are designed to live forever. After our roadmap is completed, the Cryptar owners will be able to embody their Cryptars digitally just through their webcam or mobile.” 

Per the statements of the spokesperson, Cryptars is geared to make blockchain technology more accessible to average consumer through 4 main approaches – 

  • By imparting education about cryptocurrency, NFT as well as embracing anonymity
  • By creating a consumer-centric brand that is based on the genuine interest in blockchain technology and the metaverse
  • By creating a revenue-based model that will work in long-term
  • By creating an open platform inclusive to users of all levels (regardless of their tech knowledge) that will offer cutting-edge functionalities like digital cosplay, real time voice processing and anonymity control in just a click of a button

“Technically speaking, our goal is to bring innovation in the blockchain and VR space by conducting practical experiments and implementing digital scarcity, digital collectibles, and non-fungible tokens. We will support our everyday consumers with the basic foundation of distributed ledger technology by creating a standard understanding of practical application of cryptocurrency and smart contract transactions. We are hopeful, our approach will help to broaden the mindset of the average consumer about blockchain technology and its sea of potential applications.” 

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