CLODESUN Optoelectric Co. Ltd. Launches New Intelligent Solar Led Street Lights

October 25 14:02 2021

The high-tech company releases new ClodeSUN solar street lights with intelligent features. 

These are street lights that work together under a fly standard light system and are connected to the same cloud and is of the CD-DP-series. 

A spokesperson from CLODESUN said that in a time when more than just street lights are needed, this product works best. As each All-in-one Solar Street Light has an in-built monitoring camera and can function as a CCTV camera. They also have a notification alarm as well.

The bosses at CLODESUN can’t stop talking about how much of a breakthrough in technology it is. The fly standard light system has a 4g network to connect to every street light. Every street light under this system shares the same cloud and stores all information about itself there. 

Many people tend to complain about how short-lived traditional street lights are, about how they have to change the batteries within two years. These streetlights, however, have a battery life of eight years. It has lithium battery management and control technology. Because of this, they don’t need any change in battery or maintenance before 8 years. 

These sub solar street lights use the fly standard integrated street light system and come with a RS433Mhz Wireless communication transponder.

Because of this system, It can set how bright it will be during a period of time, and can turn on and off remotely. It can also restore to the default settings remotely. With the help of the system, it is possible to know the working condition of the lights such as the battery temperature and the solar panel voltage. 

Just like the previous products of its kind, it is an anti-theft, intelligent controller and PIR human body sensing module, but just this new product has been able to send voice notifications remotely.

By itself, this new ClodeSUN species can detect from the joint cloud when one street light has a problem turning on and can also determine the reason for the problem. Remotely, this latest ClodeSUN product can send alarm notifications and can by itself, set off the notification alarm in form of a blinking light. That way it can alert the people around it of whatever danger, occurrence, or unnoticed situation. 

The cloud that these streetlights work with, can give data statistics about each camera. It can track the history of how much energy has been discharged and can also state how much energy has been going into each streetlight.

Since every streetlight also functions well as a monitoring camera it’s able to capture scenes and pictures particularly zoomed on by the remote control. It also keeps a record of everything captured, even generally. 

Because of the additional RS433Mhz Wireless communication transponder, it will be 75 dollars more expensive.

About ClodeSUN 

This is a High-tech enterprise situated in China, with its capital in Shenzhen. It has since then been financed majorly by the Government.

Founded in 2013, ClodeSUN has been about better ways of lighting, and in a safe and inexpensive ways which is solar. They go from manufacturing commercial solar street lights to making solar home system lights, and residential pathway lights, and signage projects. 

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