DaylaCare: Helping seniors and caregivers achieve better health outcomes, lower healthcare costs, and improve well-being

October 09 07:30 2021

~ DaylaCare is an AI-integrated care manager that enhances the lives of seniors and keeps them connected with their caregivers through consistent and meaningful health updates.

~ It is a cost-effective and accessible AI tool to supplement senior healthcare needs, and aims to relieve the caregiver and patient burdens of managing chronic illnesses.

~ With daily check-ins and reports, DaylaCare strives to aid the elderly to incorporate healthy lifestyle habits and enables caregivers to be aware and mitigate risks of potential health issues.

A report published earlier this year calls for the improvement of senior healthcare resources for the older demographic of the US population. According to the report, by 2030 the number of US citizens above the age of 65 will exceed those under the age of 5, and the need for efficient care services is crucial. Moreover,elderly care is not only expensive, but it also puts a strain on family caregivers. Aged healthcare has taken an additional blow since the pandemic, revealing the flaws in the system and the need for critical enhancements in staffing and accountability.

Fortunately, DaylaCare emerges as the perfect solution to issues in elderly care that need urgent attention. The platform is an AI-integrated care manager that links elderly adults with their family members and caregivers and supports them with daily check-ins to monitor their health and safety. The tool strives to provide a simple yet effective solution for seniors and caregivers, and it leverages AI technology to unburden them and enhance their quality of life.

DaylaCare is a cheaper and easier improvement to the current approach for geriatric care. The tool employs an AI over existing telephone systems that the older population is already familiar with. Seniors on the platform receive a phone call from the DaylaCare AI every day, which typically concludes within two minutes. The call covers varying questions from a set of validated questionnaires that provide a deeper understanding of the patient’s health condition. The responses provided by the elders are then communicated to the caregivers via text message, underlining any significant changes that have occurred.

Anjali Thakur and Andrew Lekashman established DaylaCare after learning the gaps in the geriatric healthcare system from their personal experiences- Anjali, as a patient, and Andrew, as a caregiver. They felt that AI could significantly improve the current system, which lacked compassion and understanding of patient and caregiver needs. Together, they formed a team with a proven track record in efficiently delivering human-centric innovations, and they included insights from experts in the healthcare, management, and technology sectors. DaylaCare enables seniors to lead fulfilling lives by incorporating healthy habits and helping them stay connected with their loved ones.

“Caregivers have many strains on them when managing the health of their loved one. Technology needs to step up and remove as much of the burden as possible from this process. DaylaCare is taking steps towards that.” – Anjali Thakur, Co-Founder, DaylaCare.

DaylaCare is a healthy lifestyle habit. The team understands that health problems develop over time, and their regular checks provide caregivers with an early indication of any potential issues that may develop. The tool leverages AI to improve on the questions asked and keep a better track of conditions or concerns. The regular and validated data provided by DaylaCare will help caregivers and elders spot trends early on and take necessary steps with their healthcare professionals. The daily check-ins support seniors and caregivers to understand and implement better lifestyle habits that will improve their lives.

The idea of DaylaCare is not to replace caregivers but rather to support and supplement their existing care plans. It also helps keep them notified of their elderly member’s health situation with regular updates on their condition. Moreover, the tool uses leading encryption technologies to ensure data security and privacy, and patients will have the option to share their data with their doctor if needed. DaylaCare is highly responsive to the needs of the elderly, and being AI-driven allows it to be available and accessible at all times. Most importantly, the human-centric tool provides caregivers and senior patients relief from the stress and burdens of managing chronic conditions associated with aging.

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DaylaCare is an AI-integrated solution that conducts daily checks to help elderly patients implement a healthy lifestyle and stay in touch with their caregivers and loved ones. The cost-effective tool aims to relieve the caregiver and patient burdens of managing chronic illnesses. The team’s goal is to provide simple yet effective solutions to caregivers and elders.

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