How YouGiver Link’s Communication Via Gifts, Social App Monetization and E-commerce

October 08 15:08 2021
How YouGiver Link’s Communication Via Gifts, Social App Monetization and E-commerce
• YouGiver is solving a real world issue between celebrities and fans that allows the two parties to connect without the need to disclose sensitive information.

• Gift giving creates interpersonal moments of happiness, surprise, appreciation and love, and can now be done safely & digitally.

• Shopify Integration is on the way, allowing businesses the ability to increase sales through secure and easy gift giving technology.

YouGiver, a Swiss startup founded in 2018, is creating technology and a platform for a new way of communication – communication via  gifts. In a world where consumers want to connect and support their favorite celebrities, influencers, creators, etc. there is a barrier of trust that prohibits this from happening. 

Many high status individuals are not able to receive gifts from their fanbase due to safety concerns of not wanting their personal information such as their address available to the public. YouGivers unique solution acts as a trustworthy 3rd party that protects this information and allows individuals to give without any worry of private information being shared.

Any person who wants to receive a gift can generate a YouGiver link and post it on social media platforms and messengers. If someone wants to give this person a gift, the person simply follows the link, selects a gift and pays. The recipient’s address is already known to YouGiver and the corresponding gift is sent to the target person through various gift merchants. 

Conversely, you can also send a link to a person to give a gift to a person whose address you may not know. The person then provides the address, which in turn only goes to YouGiver. The giver can then select and pay for a suitable gift from a gift catalog and everyone wins!

The Swiss startup is currently working at full speed on a Shopify integration. It allows Shopify stores to expand their business and monetize referrals directly. Let’s say a customer buys his favorite bottle in a Shopify store for wine and thinks to himself, “I could also give this bottle to my best friend Susan”, with YouGiver he will in the future have a way to give the bottle to Susan directly in the store. At the same time, an order is triggered by YouGiver in the backend of the Shopify store and YouGiver receives a fee for the additional initiated and completed purchase.

“My vision and mission is to make people’s lives better, safer and more comfortable, and open up new opportunities with the help of new technologies. All our products are designed for everyday use and complement each other to improve the lives of people around the world.” Said YouGiver’s Co-Founder Eugen von Rubinberg, Who is an entrepreneur & venture capitalist that got into business at a young age and has invested in various industries until he began focusing on the Internet and software industry.

About YouGiver

YouGiver is a service for easy and secure communication via real gifts. Founded in 2018, YouGiver’s mission is to make real gifts a new way of communication between people through the simplicity and safety of the YouGiver service. YouGiver offers a way of monetization for social applications through an API that can be easily embedded, thus adding a new function of sending real gifts both between their users and sending a real gift to a person in any other application.

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