The Sixth Wuhan Design Biennial Exhibition at the Hanyang Ironworks historic site on November 1st.

October 08 16:15 2021

The sixth Wuhan Biennial Design Exhibition at the Hanyang ironworks historic site (now “A pilot demonstration zone of the Industrial Historical Site of the Hanyang District SUNAC 1890 project”) will begin on November 1st. The theme of this Biennale is “qualities of city”. The organizers will leverage design styles to reveal the true nature of Wuhan, explore the spirit of the city, demonstrate the city value, focus on the relationship among design, environmental protection, health, and sanitation, uncover the city’s green development with design, and create its own true “qualities of city” concept.

Creative design works from 25 countries will be showcased in Wuhan

The Wuhan Design Biennale will show the true colors of Wuhan’s fashion from both historical and future perspectives. This exhibition activity will help shape the image of Wuhan through communications and interactions between China and foreign countries. The main exhibition area is in the Pilot Demonstration Zone of the Industrial Historical Site of the Sunac 1890 Project in Hanyang District. This exhibition location was a famous iron plant, known as Hanyang Ironworks, in the Qing dynasty, but it is now a historical site.

In the main exhibition area, there are a total of nine themed sections. These sections will showcase creative design works from 25 countries around the world, including engineering design, industrial design, United Nations creative cities, cultural creativity, and industrial and cultural heritage protection.

In the industrial design section, 40 pieces of the award-winning works of the German Red Dot Design Award will lead the show. The section will also include meticulous works recommended by the Macau Designers Association and outstanding works from six national design institutions in Hebei and Wuhan.

In the engineering design section, 200 pieces / sets of works by 40 engineering design institutes, professional organizations, and well-known designers will be exhibited. These sections will feature design works such as the overall direction, standards and “Zhongshan Avenue” model project of urban renewal in Wuhan’s planning and construction; “Wuhan Sanyang Road Yangtze River Tunnel Project”, an international award project of the Fourth Railway Institute.

In addition, 25 cities from the UNESCO Creative Cities Network will be invited to participate in the UN Creative Cities section exhibition. In this exhibition, the country of honor “Mexico – Puebla” will be set up for the first time to show a different exotic feeling.

It is expected that this biennale will be a “breaking circle” exhibition to reveal Wuhan’s aesthetics and value to the world.

Nine theme activities covering design fields at home and abroad

Located in the core area of ​​the Yangtze River Basin, Wuhan is not only the birthplace of the modern Chinese industry and the transportation hub, but also the first place to break down the China’s feudal system. Modernity and history are fused here, and the confluence of Yangtze River and Han River forms the unique geographic patterns, i.e., two rivers and three towns, which has contributed to Wuhan’s potential in culture and creative design.

In this biennale, the exhibition organizers specially set up nine themed activities, such as the Urban Design Forum of the Provincial Capital of the Middle Reaches of the Yangtze River City Group, the 4th Wuhan Design Capital Roundtable, the 10th Youth Crossover Forum, and the African International Youth Designer Training. These themed activities cover various local and international design fields, give full play to the value of the design capital, and can help Wuhan become an international exchange center.

Among them, the Provincial Capital City Design Forum of the Middle Reaches of the Yangtze River City Group will dig deeper into the design works and urban designers to promote the city development of the middle reaches of the Yangtze River; the 4th Wuhan Design Capital Roundtable Conference will promote top domestic and foreign design exchanges and communication among industry experts, scholars, designers and practitioners in providing international intellectual support for decision-makers in the Wuhan urban development.

During the exhibition, the Wuhan Bridge Design Industry Alliance and Wuhan International Youth City Innovation Design Alliance will be established. The former will build a center of bridge design and construction with international influence through the integrated development of “digital + bridge industry”. The latter will gather creative design resources through rich artistic design practice and academic research and cultural exchanges, create creative city spots, and cultivate cultural and creative industries in a consistent way.

10-year efforts in biennale boosts Wuhan design to have influence overseas

Since the first Wuhan Design Biennale in 2011, the exhibition has been in Wuhan for 10 years. It has gradually expanded to include engineering design, industry design, graphic design, creative design, and urban design, among others. The form of the exhibition has also evolved from static display to digital multimedia and interactive display with physical objects. The form is increasingly rich and avant-garde; the source of exhibited works has expanded from Wuhan to the whole country and even the world. The artistic level is continuously improved, and the influence is increasing expanding. The exhibition has become a truly grand event in Wuhan’s design and art circles.

Today, Wuhan is the UNESCO design capital and a leader in the field of global engineering design. After 10 years of cultivation and development, the engineering design industry has become the new engine of Wuhan’s urban development, and the industrial output value has exceeded 170 billion yuan. Especially in the fields of engineering design and bridge construction, Wuhan design represents the highest level in China. It is known that Wuhan occupies 6 seats among the top 50 engineering design companies in the country, and the Wuhan High-speed Railway Design “National Team” has ranked first for 5 consecutive years.

According to reports, the world’s largest road-rail bridge, the first domestic cross-sea bridge, and the world’s longest cross-sea bridge, i.e., Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, are all designed by professionals from Wuhan Bridge Engineering CO., LTD. In addition, Wuhan design has also extensively participated in the international design market for countries within the “Belt and Road Initiative”. For example, Wuhan design has been involved in the construction such as the Mombasa-Nairobi Railway (the “throat” of the East African railway network), the first bridge in East Africa, the first bridge across Tanzania, and the Kigamboni Bridge in Tanzania. Wuhan is gradually showing the world the strength of China in the design industry. 

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