EarlyFox takes sustainability to the next level by delivering traditional handcrafted textiles, handmade shoes, and slippers

October 06 18:54 2021
Helmed by sustainability-based women entrepreneurs, EarlyFox leads the charge in bringing eco-friendly alternatives and long-lasting products that reduce waste and preserve resources.

London-based EarlyFox has taken sustainability to a higher level after unveiling long-lasting natural products that aim to show people the uniqueness of hand production.

“The pandemic has certainly swept into each aspect of life, and sustainability is no exception. That’s where EarlyFox comes into the picture. We wanted to show everyone the beauty and special nature of handmade products while offering a better alternative to conscious consumers,” a company representative said in a statement.

EarlyFox offers a wide range of products that range from traditional handcrafted textiles, handmade shoes, slippers, and candles.

Those who want to ditch the standard and conventional factory-made shoes can turn to handmade shoes, which are unique, custom-made, and provide great comfort in terms of use.

EarlyFox’s handmade shoes are made using traditional methods. They can be used as slippers if desired. Handmade shoes are a great complement to products such as loincloths or hand-woven rugs at home. 

The Seyyah Shoes and Slippers, which are among the bestsellers, take their long-lasting structure from the thread which is obtained from beeswax. They are also tailored with a single thread and double-needle indecipherable technic.

EarlyFox takes pride in its ethical approach, which supports local producers while aiming to deliver elegant and practical alternatives to disposable fast-consumed products.

The company has also brought together traditional Anatolian handmade shoes and textile products under the EarlyFox brand by adapting them to today’s designs with local manufacturers.

EarlyFox offers Turkish towels and robes hand-woven in Anatolia, forming the bedrock of the company’s philosophy of sustainability and supporting local production. Since the products are produced from raw fibers, they become more budget-friendly in washing and drying wise.

Those who want to learn more about EarlyFox and the entire list of handmade and sustainable products it offers may visit the website for more information.

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