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October 06 18:36 2021

AirNow in Montgomery strives to be the only company you call when you need help with residential heating, cooling, and electrical systems. In operation since 1991, the company helps clients save on their utility costs even when the temperature climbs drastically during the summer. Air conditioning remains essential in this part of the country, but winter nights also lead to cool temperatures. The HVAC technicians remain available to help year-round so residents of Montgomery remain comfortable regardless of what the weather is like outside.  

Air Conditioning

AirNow Home Services offers a range of residential cooling options. Homeowners select from dual fuel and hybrid systems, forced air systems, and split air systems. Some clients opt for a heat pump, and the team can be of help with this. If a homeowner needs assistance in determining which type of system meets their needs, ask a team member. They’ll provide information about the advantages and disadvantages of each option. 


Cool nights remain a concern for individuals across the country. The cold snap that hit the south in 2021 left many people without power. They were freezing in their homes. AirNow ( works with customers to ensure they have a reliable heat source for situations such as this. Options include furnaces, reverse heating systems, and packaged units. 

HVAC Repairs

HVAC units break down over time even with proper maintenance and timely repairs. If repairs are needed to your HVAC unit, call AirNow in Montgomery. The team offers performance guarantees and no-nonsense, straightforward pricing. Clients know they can count on experienced technicians to handle any problem that arises with their HVAC systems. 

HVAC Installation

The time will come when the HVAC system needs to be replaced. This may come as a result of costly repairs that are needed more often, or the homeowner may wish to have a newer, more efficient system in their residence. The HVAC unit serves as a major investment in the home, and individuals need to ensure they make the right choice. AirNow ( offers a range of systems to meet the needs of all and works with clients to find the one that is best for their home. 

Zoned Heating and Cooling

Individuals often find one part of their home remains hotter or colder than the rest of the house. In this situation, zoned heating and cooling solutions might be needed. Each zone that doesn’t heat or cool properly receives its own unit and thermostat. This allows the homeowner to regulate that area of the home without affecting the heating or cooling of other parts of the residence. Contact the office to learn more about this service and its benefits. 

Indoor Air Quality 

Indoor air quality remains a concern for homeowners across America. The Environmental Protection Agency reports outdoor air quality exceeds that of indoor air quality. AirNow offers products and solutions designed to improve the air quality within the home so the occupants can breathe easier. 

Duct Services

Problems within the HVAC system might not be related to the heating and cooling unit. Homeowners often forget the ductwork in the house plays a crucial role in the HVAC system. AirNow understands the importance of these components and offers several services that ensure the ductwork facilitates the delivery of clean air throughout the home. 

Contact AirNow Home Services today for help with your HVAC system. The company offers ironclad guarantees, the 4 No Wait club, and more to meet the needs of clients. Customers know they can count on the team to address their problems in a friendly and professional way. 

About AirNow Home Services:

AirNow Home Services works to do what is right for its clients, employees, and community. The full-service air conditioning and heating team services and installs complete heating and cooling systems and assists clients with scheduled service checks, repairs of existing equipment, and more. Call us at (334) 285-7065 to schedule an appointment.

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