Revea Brings First Precision Skincare Studio to SF

October 06 17:33 2021

Revea is taking on ‘one size fits all’ skincare. The precision skincare brand is using advanced diagnostics to deliver bespoke treatments individually formulated for your needs and unique skin biology.  “We are not a world of three or four skin types” states Founder & CEO, Chaz Giles. “Skincare today is generic. It doesn’t reflect the diversity of our world and can’t serve the diversity of our skin. Revea is changing that.” 

In their San Francisco studio, the company is reimagining the old, product-first skincare experience, to start with each individual consumer and their needs. The experience begins with an in depth skin health analysis because what we see in the mirror only tells a small part of the story. Using advanced diagnostics, the company identifies the root cause of your needs, from the surface to deep layers, and which ingredients will work best for your skin.

“Revea is my absolute favorite skincare brand! I have always been self-conscious about my skin and have tried so many brands, but never found one that worked for me” says Merhan Keller @merhankeller a noted influencer, activist, and Revea user. “Revea’’s high tech analysis of my skin, I finally got answers to my questions and products that work for my skin. I could see a difference within days. I stopped wearing foundation after two weeks because my skin finally looked that good.

After a successful launch party last month, the company hosted their first community event “Skincare at Night”.  A select group of skincare enthusiasts and influencers, @merhankeller @mrsghazalfarman @patriciamenegoto @lauraxsaldarriaga @cayepalma_goite0721 spent an evening with Revea’s Formulation Chemist, LiYuan Ji. From circadian rhythms to silk pillow cases, they dove into the science behind creating the optimal night time skincare regimen.

 Each attendee had the opportunity to then experience precision skincare, which includes:

  • Precision Skin Health Analysis: This 20-30 minute diagnostic session captures a complete picture of skin’s health from hydration and dark spots, to oxygen saturation, inflammation, and dermal fibers. The layer by layer analysis helps uncover the root cause.

  • Bioinformatic Consult: Within 10 minutes, Revea’s machine learning platform analyzes the layer by layer skin measurements and delivers a breakdown of skin’s radiance and health across seven parameters. In a 1:1 consult, the Bio Associate reviews the results, measurements, and individual treatment plan. 

  • Precision Treatment Formulation: The Revea Formulation Matrix connects each individual’s skin profile to an optimized set of ingredients and levels for their individual skin needs.  Each treatment serum is individually designed and made on demand in the Company’s San Francisco studio and delivered within 48 hours. 

  • Ongoing Support & Optimization: Skin changes over time with environment, hormones, lifestyle, etc. Revea adapts and evolves with you to always keep skin at its best, with your Bio Associate checking in monthly. 

“Revea is the most personalized skincare I have ever experienced and yet it’s so simple to use,” says Ghazal Farman, @mrsghazalfarman a Bay Area influencer who attended the event. “It’s life changing when you get skincare that has been designed specifically for your skin needs, says Ghazal I am forever grateful for Revea for transforming my skincare game!”

Influencers Caye Palma and Laura Saldarriaga expressed their love for Revea regimen as well. “This is my absolute favorite skincare brand by far! Very simple, super effective and results can be seen within a very short time.”  Laura Saldarriaga favors Revea because working out is an integral part of her life. “Finding skincare that works and with a light texture is a miracle! I love that with Revea you can choose how light or thick you want your cream to be.“

Revea’s Studio is at 2167 Union Street, San Francisco and is open 11-7 Wednesday – Sunday.

Visit for more information or to book an appointment. On instagram @myrevea


$75 Skin health diagnostic session and consult 

$145 Precision Treatment Serums

$375 Precision Treatment Regimen (2) Precision Treatment Serums (AM & PM) and Personalized Moisturizer

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