Author Inderpreet Kaur Releases her Latest Upanishad/ Book “S-cube” on Amazon

October 06 17:21 2021
Seduction for gaining the post of the narrator.

Why even bother gathering knowledge from varied sources when all of them have to tell the same lies just wrapped in different flowery words? Knowledge received from such sources is not just harmful but outright dangerous. Unfortunately, the work of most authors is like that pot-bellied Priest teaching others lessons in austerity. And thus, here is another platitudinous Upanishad to fulfill that void. This work titled “Seduction of the seducer of seducers – Another Platitudinous Upanishad: A Memento for an Eternal Life” – “S-cube” in short – by Inderpreet Kaur is an attempt to save humans from this great fire of low-frequency Forces that is mercilessly devouring anything and everything that comes its way. This fire is unlike the regular fire, which reduces everything to ash but is cunning as it consumes the inside while deceiving the individual of not being aware of its losses.

Each person starts gaining experience in the Art of Living from the moment the individual comes into one’s conscious state right after jumping from the mother’s womb, all the way to the deathbed. In this book, certain fictional characters inspired by real-life experiences are used as tools to illustrate proven methods that have been gained through experience to protect the diamond life from getting wasted in just serving vain mortal needs.

This literary work will help people identify those compromising situations and how to tackle them to safeguard one’s Heart, especially in this age when every Heart is getting replaced with stones at an alarming pace.

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Inderpreet Kaur is the author of the literary work titled “Seduction of the seducer of seducers – Another Platitudinous Upanishad: A Memento for an Eternal Life.”

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