The Demand for Welders is Increasing

October 06 13:00 2021
The Demand for Welders is Increasing

Professional welders have always been in high demand because their skills are vital to several key industries that drive the U.S. economy. In recent years, as manufacturing has outpaced other sectors, the need for trained welders has also increased. While automation may be replacing some jobs, welding requires skill, dexterity, and judgment that robots are still a long way from duplicating. 

What Is Welding?

Welding is a method of joining two materials by melting them and fusing them together. Fusion occurs as softened edges blend, cool, and harden. The welding process requires very high heat, often produced by an electrical arc, and sometimes welders add an extra layer of molten metal along a seam. Welding is an appropriate method for joining most types of metals and thermoplastics. However, not all metals can be welded together. For example, aluminum cannot easily fuse with steel or copper.

What Are The Most Common Types Of Welding?

California Industrial Rubber Co. is a company that provides welding services using the two most common processes: MIG and stick. MIG stands for Metal Inert Gas, and it is also referred to as gas metal arc welding. MIG welding involves the use of a gun-like tool that serves two functions. For one thing, it applies a metal filler to strengthen and seal the joint. The tool also emits an inert gas, typically argon and/or helium, which protects the weld from other gases in the atmosphere that might cause a harmful chemical reaction. MIG welding is popular because it creates a clean and durable joint. 

Stick welding, also known as manual metal arc welding, is the oldest form of welding still in use today. In stick welding, a hollow tube holds a filler rod, which serves as an electrode. The energy flowing between the electrode and the welded material creates an arc of electricity and heat. One benefit of stick welding is that it does not require a shielding gas. However, stick-welded materials usually require a lot of cleaning and sanding compared with MIG-welded products.

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What Are Some Common Applications Of Welding?

Welding has many industrial applications, including automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, joining oil and gas pipes, and constructing air and spacecraft, just to name a few. But welding is more than a job skill; for many, it’s also an art form. In fact, artists and artisans have used welding methods to create pieces of furniture, banisters and other types of railing, and all kinds of 3D art projects.

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Welding is one of the most useful and marketable skills a person can acquire these days. As the U.S. manufacturing sector keeps growing, qualified welders will continue to play a valuable role in the American workforce.

California Industrial Rubber Company distributes high-quality industrial rubber and plastic products and provides custom manufacturing and fabrication services. Established 60 years ago, the family-owned business serves customers in California, Nevada, and beyond. The company’s continuing growth is driven by a commitment to developing better products and providing excellent service. 

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