Synopsis 2021: Edition 3 – Full immersion in the digital economy. October 11-15.

October 05 18:42 2021

In 2021, the cryptocurrency market has grown enormously and gained unprecedented popularity. El Salvador has declared Bitcoin a legal tender. Dozens of global investment funds have added it to their portfolios.

Synopsis 2021 Edition 3 will help you dive into the ever-changing crypto world and get a hold of it.

The summit will feature over 60 speakers, including developers of up-and-coming blockchains and cryptocurrencies, spokespeople of major exchanges and regulatory bodies, profitable traders, and investors. The speakers will share the industry’s insights during individual speeches, talk about the key events and challenges during panel discussions, participate in interviews, and answer questions from the live audience.

Hundreds of thousands of viewers will be able to watch Synopsis unfold for 5 days.

Alien Bell will be featured as the official artist of the Edition 3. They will present a unique NFT collection through THETA Drop marketplace. Synopsis will also hold an NFT draw with tokens tied to physical objects, e.g., the official merchandise and Port of Royal rum crafted following a unique recipe.

During one month ahead of Synopsis and one month after it goes live, the summit partners and speakers are holding online activities and giveaways. Check them out in the Synopsis Interactive Zone.

Synopsis 2021 Edition 3 is a unique opportunity to know all things crypto, DeFi, and NFT.

Synopsis hosts are Amirsan Roberto (CEO at Sinofy Group), Maksim Sukhonosik (COO at Colibri Group & Coindar), Maria Stankevich (CBDO at EXMO), Yan Khavanskiy (co-founder of Colibri Group, CEO at Coindar and CVO at Bingon Russia and the CIS), and Yaroslav Kabakov (CVO at Finam).

Synopsis speakers are Felix Xu (ARPA and Bella Protocol), Sota Watanabe (Astar Network, previously Plasm), Alena Afanaseva (BeInCrypto), Gleb Kostarev (Director at Binance Russia & CIS), Evgeniy Pavlov (BDM at Binance Russia & CIS), Dmitri Prokopenko (Block Oracle Capital, BD at Treasureland), Oleg Bevz (Blockster), Maksim Sukhonosik (Colibri Group), Nik Anikin (Colibri Group), Mohammed Carrim (Curate), Oleg Smagin (Delio), Shashi Meghawarna (EXIP), Alexander Filatov (Free TON Community and TON Labs), Artyom Kan (, Raghav Jerath (Gather Network), Noritaka Okabe (JPYC), Artem Moiseev (J2TX), Sergei Khitrov ( and Blockchain Life), Yudi Xu (MobiFi), Ksenia Oshurko (BDM at OKEx Russia), John W.H. Schneider (, Nikolay Zagvozdkin (RBC Crypto), Oksana Tjupa (Rotary), Mark Letsyuk (S3XYBTC, SmartPad Network, and Solana), Nastya Adamova (Sinofy), Eduard Moiseev and Dmitriy Sheludko (TG DAO 3.0), Anthony Blackburn (VAIOT), Maryam Mahjoub (CMO at Verasity), and Nikolay Gadzhiev (charity initiatives VEROS and WIDCI).

Synopsis sponsors are Verasity, TrustBase,, TG DAO 3.0, Port of Royal, MaNEKO Finance,Gather Network,, Bingbon, Bella Protocol, ARPA, and Algorand Foundation.

Synopsis partners are Treasureland, TON Labs, THETA Labs, Solana, SmartPad Network, Binance, BeInCrypto, Astar Network (previously Plasm), AERGO, 2Key, Stake Technologies, Shiden Network, Qilin, NuPay, Nervos, EXIP, Digital Rights Center, Delio, Curate,, Marhaba DeFi, MahaDAO, J2TX, Free TON, EXMO, etc. companies and projects on the verge of digital transformation of the society.

Synopsis co-organizers are Sinofy Group, Cryptus Media, Investment Russia, and S3XYBTC.

Synopsis organizers are Colibri Group and Coindar.

Watch Synopsis live on October 11 to 15, 2021, at

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