Ceylon Sapphire – Mesmerism in Blue Since the 11th Century CE Available at Alluring Rates with Star Lanka

October 05 16:16 2021
Star Lanka has a rich inventory of gemstones, including sapphires. Of these, the Ceylon sapphire occupies the pride of place. Sri Lanka has for long been one of the top suppliers of quality sapphires. Ceylon sapphires are renowned for their luster and beauty.

According to announcements released by Star Lanka and Suhail S, the Ceylon sapphire in its inventory is of the finest quality and much sought after by gem collectors all over the world. Sri Lanka or Ceylon, as it was known earlier, has been mining for sapphires for a thousand years, longer than any other region or country in recorded history. 

Famous sapphires to have come out of Sri Lanka include the Star of Lanka and Logan Sapphire. 

Apart from Sri Lanka, Burma and Madagascar are also sources of sapphires. The Ceylon sapphire is prized for its shade of blue, brighter and a few shades lighter than the deep blue of sapphires from other places, such as Thailand and Australia. 

Blue sapphire is mined in the southern part of Sri Lanka, a country smaller than Austria. Ratnapura, or the City of Gems, is also known for sapphires in pink, yellow, green, violet, and the rarely found pink-orange ones. Sri Lanka has such a rich history of gem mining that the island was known as Ratnadweepa. 

Buyers that wish to own blue sapphires within their budgets can look up heat-treated Ceylon sapphires. 

Sapphires get their blue from iron, titanium, and chromium. Blue sapphires are the most prized ones, and a deeper saturation adds to the stone’s value. Sapphires are the second-hardest stone after diamonds. They are easy to care for. Warm water and soap suffice to clean sapphires. 

Star Lanka is a trusted seller of Ceylon sapphires because of its honest valuation, transparent pricing, and the expertise of its lapidaries, who craft exquisite gems from rough stones. 

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Suhail S of Star Lanka said, “Sri Lanka is the only place where you can find a seemingly never-ending supply of high-quality gemstones. It also has the most significant density of gemstone deposits in relation to the size of the country, with 90% of the landmass made out of gemstone bearing Pre-Cambrian rock.

As we mentioned, the country produces a variety of different gems; sapphire is their most famous gemstone. They produce virtually all colors of sapphire too. The rarest of all are the ones known as Padparadscha, a word derived from the Sanskrit, meaning Lotus Color, a name it earned thanks to the vibrant coral tones of the gemstone. Light to medium blue sapphires are the most desired blue sapphires from Ceylon and generally bring a higher price tag amongst all other blue sapphires. This color was referred to as ‘cornflower blue’ in the past.

Some of the largest sapphires in the world have been found in Sri Lanka. Royal families around the world have also treasured Ceylon sapphires for centuries. Sapphires are considered a symbol of love, loyalty, power, royalty, and wisdom because of their allure and range of blues. Some of the most famous royal relationships have had sapphires involved, including the Ceylon Sapphire encrusted Imperial Crown of Russia worn by Queen Catherine II of Moscow, the Ceylon blue sapphire brooch given by Prince Albert to Queen Victoria on the eve of their wedding (also worn by Queen Elizabeth II) and Princess Diana’s renowned engagement ring, currently worn by Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.”

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