Directorial debut “The Cleaner” earns Brittany Harvey a slot at the PVIFF

October 05 09:02 2021

Rising filmmaker, Brittany Harvey has released a thrilling and drama-filled feature film “The Cleaner” which has been listed to compete at this year’s edition of the annual Peachtree Village International Film Festival (PVIFF).

Categorized as a drama/thriller, the visual masterpiece tells the story of a young man trying to leave a life of crime behind, his battle with a corrupt world, and a long history of crime that refuses to stay in the past.

Although “The Cleaner” is the first work directed and produced by Brittany Harvey, the independent filmmaker is no newcomer to the exciting world of the film industry. She has led a long career in the creative arts, functioning at various levels and in different roles. 

The exceptionally driven Brittany spent the past couple of years, intuitively honing her craft and gathering the necessary experience needed to bring her lifelong dream of seeing the words “Directed by Brittany Harvey” rise across the silver screen.

The phenomenal filmmaker who is also the founder of her own production company, Pink Paw Productions, started her career from hosting movie premieres in college classrooms to joining the Creative Executive team of a major film studio in Atlanta. 

As a college filmmaker, Brittany brought her passion and dedication to play, directing her short films with nothing more than her heart and devotion for the medium.

Her love for filmmaking was unrivaled by other aspects of her life as she would happily spend every dime she had on minor film budgets while reserving her spring breaks solely for editing rooms.

The vibrant director also has some notable accomplishments to her name, including directing and producing short films, writing film blogs, starting a film society, and writing screenplays.

All that hard work and determination didn’t go unnoticed and she was soon offered a job at one of the leading film studios in the entertainment industry.

Key cast members featured in Brittany’s directorial debut include Jonathan Brown, Angel Pean, Andre Lamar, and Jared Myers.

“The Cleaner” will be available On Demand via the PVIFF as it holds the 16th edition of its annual film festival scheduled for the 21st to 23rd October.

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