Affogata Adds Instagram DM Support, Bolstering its Customer Intelligence Offering With Better Data From Social Channels

October 05 02:33 2021
The addition will allow brands to save time by replying to customers as part of integrated engagement across all channels instead of manually via direct messages to improve customer satisfaction and brand image.

Affogata, the customer intelligence platform enabling brands to harness data to guarantee their consumers a perfect experience, announced today its support for Instagram DMs following Facebook’s opening of the API. The announcement further cements the Affogata platform as the most comprehensive solution for brands to engage customers and gain full visibility into their customers’ needs.

Affogata’s announcement comes as brands have rapidly shifted to online operations during the pandemic and 70% of customers expect to message businesses more in the future. The status quo of customer support is wholly inadequate, with brands lacking the resources to respond quickly to customers on other social media platforms reporting long wait times for service (45% of brands took more than 5 days to respond on Facebook). 

Affogata’s offering, which is among the first to incorporate Instagram DMs, provides brands’ social media managers with a streamlined process into visibility across all social media accounts and a platform for faster responses. In addition to speed and visibility, its suite of features allows brands to utilize a custom-built analytics toolbox, real-time brand sentiment, and keyword analysis. Social media integration, including Affogata’s inclusion of Instagram DMs is just one aspect that enriches the overall platform, that gathers and analyzes data from a wide range of both internal and external data sources.

The Affogata platform replaces multiple tools that are typically only focused on listening or actions with a holistic platform approach to handling an organization’s Customer Voice data. This enables a high level of automation and proactive responses at the ideal moment, triggered by data. Moderators save countless hours in manual work, customer support issues are resolved quickly, and customer satisfaction soars. Moreover, brands are able to gather insights from external data sources from the open web and fuse them with internal sources, like support tickets and chatter on companies’ forums to identify the most pressing issues, resolve them quickly, and inform their product development processes for an exceptional customer experience.

Beyond engagement and monitoring features, Affogata enables the extraction of sentiment and insights from DMs and the other data sources it covers. That offering, which is unique to Affogata’s platform, enables brands to gain real-time insights into what customers are saying, leading to a better customer experience, strategy, and competitive edge. The emergence and rapid growth of Instagram as a shopping channel make understanding customers, trends, topics, and sentiment even more crucial and linked to product sales.

“Social media is already one of the primary avenues for customers to engage with brands and they expect their issues to be resolved quickly, but for most, it’s a glaring blind spot that’s costing them customers,” said Affogata Co-founder and CEO Sharel Omer. “The incorporation of Instagram DMs into our offering allows us to make brands far more effective, giving them an advantage when it comes to resolving customer issues and gaining valuable insights beyond any other product on the market.”

The inclusion of Instagram DM data is currently in beta and will be fully released to all Affogata customers within the next two weeks.

About Affogata

Affogata is the leading customer intelligence platform, enabling brands to harness data that guarantees consumers a perfect experience. The AI-driven technology provides brands with expansive data related to their brand and competitors from across the web, online forums, and internal data sources in real-time. Multiple stakeholders such as marketers, product managers, customer success teams, data analysts, and more enjoy insights based on that data, enabling proactive actions to ensure the perfect customer experience. Affogata was founded in 2019 by Sharel Omer, Ran Margaliot, and Itamar Rogel and works with customer-obsessed brands including Wix, Lemonade, MyHeritage, eToro, Playtika, and more. 

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