Sarah Quigg, Psychotherapist, Debuts Her Self-Healing Product Line, Heart-Centered Thoughts

October 05 00:54 2021
Quigg will offer online self-study courses to be released in 2022.

October 4, 2021 – Sarah Quigg is the founder and CEO of Heart-Centered Thoughts, a self-healing product line headquartered in Saint Augustine Beach, Florida.

Quigg started Heart-Centered Thoughts, which began in 2019 during a global pandemic. Quickly it turned into The Heart-Centered Thoughts Collection and Co. Quigg created Heart-Centered Thoughts from her background in Psychology and through the alchemy of initiation, which ignited her internal fire and got her entrepreneurial juices flowing.

Quigg, who is known as a “heart healer,” sees through the eyes of the heart and teaches the language of emotions, and how to curate the language around what we feel. She invites skills to release relational pain and shows how to cultivate intimacy through having a healthy relationship with self.

As a therapist, Quigg specializes in depth psychology. The work that she is called to do seeks to integrate wisdom from exploring soul-work.

“I think we are in a time right now that requires modalities that are familiar to the soul and is about the descent and finding our way in the dark through these unexplored territories of uncertainty.”

“I believe we find soul in our neglected, abandoned, and rejected parts of self that are the redemptive parts that bring us back into vulnerability, community, and connection. These are the parts we all carry that we often seek therapy to banish,” she said.

During the pandemic, Quigg did a soft release of Heart-Centered Thoughts, 52-ways to heal the Heart, her physical product that teaches individuals how to evolve past their story and become who they were born to be. “Who we are underneath our past, pain, programming, conditioning, and the identity that society tells us we are,” Quigg said.

Through her brand, Quigg will offer multiple self-study journals, workbooks, and courses teaching how to become one’s essential self. She begins the process of integrating teachings on how to heal from the initiatory wounds of abandonment, betrayal, grief, addiction, and shame, etc. Her shadow course will open for registration in 2022. This course explores the origins of the shadow and integrates one’s hidden wisdom.

Quigg wanted to be a part of a community she longed for during her own self-healing journey and has made it her mission to love and help those who have lost connection to soul.

Quigg empowers men and women all over the world and her style is absolutely necessary. There is richness in her work that will keep you coming back for more. More information can be found at

About Sarah Quigg

Sarah Quigg, LMHC, is a sought-after psychotherapist, writer, and soul activist in Saint Augustine Beach, Florida. She teaches the work of self-awareness through transparency, vulnerability, compassion, affection, and depth.

You can find her on Instagram @sarahquigglmhc and schedule a private consultation.

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