H.E.A.L. offers specially handcrafted candles for Ear Candling

October 04 15:38 2021

Natural Healthcare Providers, H.E.A.L. is currently offering all lovers of Ear Candling access to its special line of perfectly made Harmony’s Ear candles. H.E.A.L., an acronym for Healthy Energy Amazing Life is championed by Dr. Harmony who has both a Master’s and Doctorate in the Science of Natural Health.

Dr. Harmony’s final academic achievement was writing her dissertation on ear candles, which enabled her separate facts from fiction as regards the origin, benefits, and side effects of ear candling.

Thermal-auricular therapy or ear candling is an alternative medical practice that involves placing the opposite side of a lit hollow candle in the ear canal. Ear Candles help you relax and transition to a relaxed state so that your body can heal itself. 

The proper use of Harmony’s ear candles are intended for relaxation not for removing ear wax.  The proper use of ear candles encourages relaxation and may offer some respite to people living with Rhinitis, Sinusitis, Ear infections, Flu symptoms, Allergies, Sore throat, Stress, etc. The company currently has up to 27 different ear candle products ready for purchase on its website, offering an array of options that include Lavender ear candles, large beeswax, Eucalyptus, and many others.

All Harmony’s Ear candles are handcrafted by single mothers, people with disabilities, and homeschooling families. The double-wrapped candles are made with certified organic cotton sourced from Appachi Cotton located in India. The company which prides itself as the creators of the world’s safest ear candle has repeatedly introduced innovations to the industry, leading the way for others to follow. 

H.E.A.L. was the first manufacturer to double wrap their candles with a comfortable pointed tip and also the first in the US to implement the use of a burn line label meant to indicate when the flame should be extinguished. 

Focused on continually proving the safety and efficacy of their products, the company also implemented a USA patented safety tip that also serves to accelerate the vortex as well as protect the end user from any mishaps.

Dr. Harmony is a strong believer in the rights of people to choose supplements as a part of their natural health care plan and maintains that personal health care is too precious to be left in the hands of the government alone. Her involvement in the Natural Healthcare Community began when she served as a volunteer, working with the Natural Health Food Community to pass the Dietary Supplement Health Education Act (DSHEA) at the Federal level – a bill that was instrumental to the protection of supplements in the United States.

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