Baton Rouge Non-Profit Founder Walter Morales Commits to Improve Urban Education

October 04 18:36 2021
Baton Rouge Non-Profit Founder Walter Morales Commits to Improve Urban Education

Walter Morales – Baton Rouge Businessman, Entrepreneur and Educator
Walter Morales Baton Rouge Educator Announced His New Scholarship During a Meeting with Team Members

Non-Profit Organizations, Government Agencies, Academic Researchers, Non-Governmental Organizations, and more have been working hard to discover the best way to educate children. Educating children in schools and other institutions of learning, especially in an urban setting, has been posed with a huge challenge. Throughout the years, several changes have been made in the educational system to improve the education in urban areas, but there is much room for improvement. To assist in resolving the issues in educating inner city children, Walter Morales Baton Rouge Entrepreneur, has decided to offer scholarship funds to students that come up with a unique idea on the workable way to improve the urban education system. He recently announced this to the large audience in a meeting with him.

“Everyone that has passed through the urban education system, from grade school through high school, will understand the difficulties that arise when learning in an urban environment. The scholarship fund offered by Walter Morales, Baton Rouge Educator, is available for those ready to give their ideas on how to improve upon the urban education system. The workable teaching methodology, style, and other ideal ways of ensuring that children learn equally in the class are all welcome in the essay.  It is urgent that we bring awareness to the issues that educators face in an urban setting, and ideas on how to make this possible are required in a 1000 words essay. Essays will be judged by our panel, and the winner will be awarded $5,000,” said Walter Morales.

“In addition, we are in the business of assisting in educating our children. We are concerned about making it easy for teachers in the classroom to make it possible for each student to learn. That is notwithstanding the Intelligent quotient differences. More so, we know the learning of our children is their readiness level. We also understand there is a unique idea to ensure every student and pupil gets ready to acquire education. Students are invited to come up with their unique ideas on how to achieve this goal. So, the floor is open for writers and students to provide their views on the topic and qualify for the $5000 scholarship fund,” added Walter Morales.

The meeting attracted a large audience. These include academia, students, entrepreneurs, owners of non-profit organizations, government agencies, and many others. Happy participants with a heart of gratitude decided to add to what Walter said about furthering the education of children when he added, “Walter Morales and his team have been helpful in many ways to education institutions. Walter founded several charter schools, and is very active in the community regarding issues involving racial disparity.  He understands the plight faced by students, schools, and teachers in the classroom and decided to bring awareness to the issues, and provide solutions through scholarship funding. With the reiteration of the commitment to assist a student in their learning process, more students will stand a chance of benefiting from what he has to offer.”

“Eligibility for the scholarship funding is open for everyone with a unique idea on how to make the urban educational system better for our children. With the help of the scholarship provided by Walter Morales, children of all ages, schools, and teachers will soon have an improved learning experience,” said Walter Morales’ team member. 

It is easy to learn about the Walter Morales Scholarship for Urban Education Improvement.  To learn more about the scholarship, the details and how to apply, head to the application page of the official Walter Morales Scholarship:

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