Industry leader Landingi unveils PageInsider™, enabling easier and faster Landing Page Optimization with the Help of AI

October 04 16:09 2021
The new AI and ML product is a feature that is packed with solutions that allow users to optimize the transparency of their landing pages before publishing. It is available in some of the current pricing plans until the end of 2021 for free.

Leading company Landingi continues to redefine industry standards after launching PageInsider™, a feature that is packed with solutions that allow users to optimize the transparency of their landing pages before publishing. A quick analysis will provide them with information about where the visitors are most likely to focus their attention. 

“This way, they get a chance to tweak the layout of their pages in a way that attracts the eyesight to the most important parts. As a result, they get an opportunity for a higher conversion rate,” explains company representative Andrew Bieda.

Andrew says analyzing landing pages with PageInsider™ allows users to save time and resources. The analysis is performed in just a few minutes, and they don’t need any live subjects for heatmap testing. A process that takes days, weeks, or even months and lots of people to complete is reduced to a single click.

The new AI and ML product also features data-driven insights. Instead of relying on an intuition that may or may not be reflective of reality, Andrew says PageInsider’s predictions are based on actual data. 

PageInsider™ also offers bigger chances of conversion by helping users understand what captures an audience’s attention, which then allows tweaking the landing page in the Landingi’s landing page builder. Andrew says once the visitors see the important parts, they are more likely to convert.

PageInsider™ relies on the analysis of eye-tracking studies of over 4,000 pages and 30,000 images. The software has an effectiveness rate of 90% on pages and 94% on images, and it has been used on real-life examples.

In a review, Jose Graca, an entrepreneur extraordinaire, said he has been using Landingi to optimize a landing page for Cook A Business – an e-book that shows future entrepreneurs how to build a business the right way.

Jose said he decided to try out PageInsider because he wanted to get better insight into the focus of the visitors of his pages.  

The two main issues he had with his previous methods were time and costs. He would ask a series of questions to 50 people, collect the answers and make changes based on their feedback. One of the concerns was that every answer was different, so he had to rely on the standard deviation when analyzing the answers.

Now, Jose can get a reliable approximation of where the user’s attention is going to be, and the test is going to take minutes instead of weeks.

“I run a test and focus on something else for a few minutes, then I come back, and I can see the results,” Jose said.

Jose said PageInsider™ also allowed him to make upgrades before he hit “Publish.” By the endo of the year, 2021 there is no cap on analysis, so he can test and compare to his heart’s content.

Andrew says landing page optimization is a crucial part of every business. Therefore, using the right tool has multiple features that can save money, time, and headaches, especially if users have the option to get a reliable prediction before publishing their landing page.

Those who want to improve the clarity of their landing pages using the tool may sign up for the Automate or Agency plan in Landingi. It is available in the selected pricing plans until the end of 2021 for free.

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