Vivify Trucks Inc. will donate to three non profit organizations

October 04 12:10 2021

Vivify Trucks Inc. announces that in order to be a good corporate citizen it will give 33$ USD to The Cancer Research Institute (CRI), 33$ USD to Operation USA and 33$ USD to Scholarship America, three non profit organizations (making it to 99$ USD in total) for every product/unit sold every year. Vivify Trucks will give their donations around the time of their board of directors’ meetings with a check mailed to the three organizations. Please donate to these organizations.

The Cancer Research Institute (CRI). The Cancer Research Institute (CRI) is a US non-profit organization funding cancer research and based in New York City. They were founded in 1953 to develop immunologically-based treatments for cancer, and despite their name are a funding body for research rather than a research institute themselves, working with other institutes and organizations.

Operation USA. Operation USA is a non profit humanitarian organization supporting health, education and relief programs at home and abroad in order to help children and families recover and thrive in the wake of disasters.

About Scholarship America

Scholarship America is a Minnesota-based American philanthropic organization that assists communities, corporations, foundations and individuals with fundraising, managing and awarding scholarships to students. The organization designs, administers and manages corporate and foundation scholarship programs; it also operates Dollars for Scholars, a coalition of local scholarship organizations in communities across the United States.

About Vivify Trucks

Vivify Trucks Inc. Vivify Trucks is a “self-driving” (automated) truck company trying to make commercial transportation safer, faster and less expensive to society.

Vivify Trucks will revolutionize the trucking industry, making existing trucks smarter, more efficient, and safer on roads. With the kits, operators will be able to operate with a sense of wellbeing.

Vivify Trucks is developing hardware/software to retro-fit trucks (class 8) with Level IIII self-driving technology to alleviate driver fatigue and reduce accidents. With the Vivify Trucks kit, truck operators will be able to operate with a sense of wellbeing. Vivify Trucks is the first self-driving truck company to focus on the North of USA and the South of Canada.

Also, to achieve this, Vivify Trucks is developing a kit that can be installed on virtually any truck and will be able to autonomously control, drive, and perform operations with little or no assistance from the driver. 

With Vivify Trucks future low cost tool, people will be able to: reduce fuel/energy consumption (between 30% to 35%), reduce accidents (by up to 90%), cope with WIND, ROAD CRACKS, SNOW & ICE, reduce insurance costs (by up to 90%), reduce truck repair and maintenance costs (Brakes, Tires, Suspension) by up to 40%., environmentally friendly, reduce journey times as trucks would not need to stop (by up to 8 hours per day) (less traffic congestion, too), give happiness and social interaction which has been shown to directly impact longevity, convert the monotony and stress of travel into productive time.

Vivify Trucks’ advisors:

1) Brandon Olsen. Brandon previously led the operations of Waymo Via, Google’s automated semi-truck program. He also has over 15 years of trucking leadership, including a director role at Schneider National.

2) Shishir Gupta. Shishir is the Founder & CEO of StartupLanes, the world’s largest freemium accelerator operational in 56 cities across 15 countries. He has raised funds for 300+ companies, and he has invested in 26 startups as an Angel Investor. He is also the author of the International Bestseller business book, Startup Easy which became No.1 seller at Amazon in 11 countries.

3) Philippe van Nedervelde. Philippe van Nedervelde is a B2B specialist and an investor. He is on the board of directors of 6 organizations. Clients of his companies are coming from all over the world. His clients include Intel, HP, Gillette, British Petroleum (BP) and Adobe; TV channels like HBO, NBC, Discovery Channel and Fox News; movie studios like 20 Century Fox; top circulation magazines like People Magazine, Bild and HÖRZU; as well as many other household name organizations and companies including NASA, PBS, Ericsson, the European Commission, Mitsubishi etc.

At Vivify Trucks Inc., the company do not believe in discrimination. Vivify Trucks judge people by their actions, not by the way they look. From the start, Vivify Trucks is an international company. Vivify Trucks respect people and intend to treat people well. Vivify Trucks believe in equality among the sexes, equality within a team, and the company promote a culture of camaraderie. Personal problems, company work problems – the company can provide help. Everyone has a voice and can participate in the decision-making process for the company. Every employee is empowered and encouraged to be an agent to make a positive difference. The company intend to have a good family, work, and life balance. In all the company activities, Vivify Trucks will create a sense of wellbeing. This attitude and view will spill over into the technology the company will create.

Vivify Trucks will be located in Trois-Rivières, Québec, Canada.

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