FanFilm Haven Launches a Fundraiser Campaign for Code Black: The Journey

October 02 05:57 2021
FanFilm Haven is an American film company that specializes in indie film productions. The brand has launched a fundraiser campaign for a non-profit movie Code Black: The Journey.

Hollywood movies are among the most iconic and legendary pieces of screened art, but millions of fans of creativity and uniqueness would argue that indie movies are the ones that are pushing the envelope. 

FanFilm Haven is one of the most ambitious brands in the indie filmmaking industry, as well as one of the most daring companies that had spent unprecedented amounts of money on top-tier cast and production:

“We are a film company that plans on establishing ourselves as the premier brand of indie film productions.  We are confident that by the time you complete your review of our short film sample for this campaign, you will see how serious we are about bringing quality entertainment to the general public through creative storytelling.”

FanFilm Haven’s latest work is the Code Black: The Journey – a fan-made film inspired by the iconic ‘Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers’. Code Black is a non-profit movie that pushes the boundaries of the indie Sci-fi genre, featuring flamboyant effects, remarkable actors, and a compelling story. 

Code Black: The Journey is meant to be an interlude to a multi-part tale called the Omega Series. As the brand states, “This episodic story is meant to give closure to the original group of heroes that have been all but forgotten by the earth citizenry. The Code Black Film takes place before the events of the series kick off.”

The prologue of the Omega Series, which is Code Black: The Journey, is meant to be followed by twelve episodes, including Scattered, Rebirth, the Green Prince, Tigress Reborn, Foundations, Unleashed, Harmony, Lineage, Reunion, Revelations, the Final Victor, and Destiny. 

Walter Emanuel Jones, the main protagonist of Code Black, is the original Black Ranger from the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. FanFilm Haven correlates Code Black to the iconic Rangers series:

“As die-hard fans of the original Power Rangers series, it always irked us that some of the rangers didn’t have a proper send-off. The Omega series is a 12 part layered story that takes place in the future and shows the lives of the original team in the aftermath of their decision to be heroes in a realistic fashion.“

More information about FanFilm Haven can be found on the brand’s Instagram.

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