Slabtec Provides Concrete Repair Solutions For All Types of Concrete

October 02 04:21 2021
Slabtec has grown to become one of Australia’s leading structural concrete repair engineers. Whether the issue is carbonation, deterioration or defective concrete, Slabtec can put forward a plan that will ensure concrete’s integrity and strength are restored.

The Australian-based company, Slabtec offers a range of services from repairing cracks in concrete walls to restoring surfaces and floors. One of the most popular projects is called “concrete protection” which involves applying a sealant to the surface of a slab before it sets. 

Slabtec specialises in repairing and resurfacing concrete. As an industry leader, Slabtec has been providing quality service to the greater Sydney and Melbourne areas for almost 10 years. Their services include crack injection, slab jacking, carbon fibre strengthening, concrete scanning, truncations and more. 

Slabtec is committed to providing our clients with high-quality workmanship at competitive prices. 

“We pride ourselves on being understanding of your needs and exceeding your expectations by always striving for customer satisfaction!” ~ Ben Shoveller, General Manager at Slabtec.

Another popular service that Slabtec provides is the resurfacing of older concrete; this process involves grinding down defective areas and applying a new surface. This takes as little as one day to complete and does not require any additional work such as re-plumbing or electrical services. Slabtec also offers driveway restoration, which includes reinforcing weak joints and repairing cracks, holes and other defects on the surface.

Slabtec can offer different types of projects including commercial works such as malls and businesses, commercial car parks, house slabs, footpaths and driveways. To ensure that each project is executed within budget and to specifications, Slabtec will provide an estimate for the works prior to commencement.

“We are committed to providing our clients with a competitive service that is efficient and cost-effective. Each project completed by Slabtec includes careful planning, design expertise, quality workmanship and adherence to timelines.”~ Slabtec Pty Ltd

Slabtec prides itself on offering high-quality concrete repair works. The following are some of the other services the company has to offer:

–  CFRP Carbon Fibre Strengthening
–  Concrete Cancer Repair
–  Concrete Scanning
–  Heavy Lifting & Monitoring
–  Crack Injection
–  & more

When a slab needs a little fixing, choose Slabtec. For more information about concrete repair services please contact the friendly team at Slabtec today.

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