VLove continues to make headway by bringing 100% real roses that last a year and more.

October 02 03:39 2021
Leading flower brand VLove takes gift-giving to the next level by releasing a new collection of high-quality eternal rose bouquets that are especially favored due to their evocation of love.

VLove has led the charge in bringing the most sophisticated floral arrangements for men looking to take their gift swag to the next level.

“Roses are the quintessential flower of love. We believe they should be part of everyday life and a stylish centerpiece for your home. That’s where VLove comes into the picture. Our preserved roses are a constant reminder of your most precious moments and the person you’ve been sharing these with,” a representative of the company said in a statement. 

VLove’s classic collection is composed of 12 large, long-lasting roses, all delicately cultivated and meticulously handcrafted by its master florists. The team places these roses in luxurious artisan boxes, so customers don’t even need to buy a vase. 

“VLove aims to level up how people express their love and gratitude by bringing sophisticated bouquets of eternity roses,” the representative said. 

VLove’s preserved roses in a box maintain their beautiful appearance for 365 days and more. The company stressed that it only uses fresh-cut rose flowers and maintains their beauty via a proprietary, green-friendly preservation method to create precious memories that last forever.

“VLove’s forever roses box is a great choice for men looking to impress and come up with a unique gift that puts a smile on their loved one’s face. It will create stunning impressions on your wife, girlfriend, mother, and daughter,” the representative said. The bouquets are a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, and even birthdays. 

VLove’s forever rose arrangements are already packaged as a luxurious gift, with a satin ribbon and an elegant envelope. The only thing customers need to do is add a small handwritten note, and their gift is ready.

VLove was founded out of a passion for beauty and design. Inspired by the elegance of roses but frustrated about their short lifespan, the VLove team created timeless, real rose bouquets that last for years.

As a family-owned business based in Los Angeles, California, it is on a mission to bring the most sophisticated floral arrangements to its customers.

VLove’s artisans pay careful attention to every little detail to make the gifting experience as delightful and complete as possible –– from the high quality of roses to the elegant design of boxes and greeting cards. 

VLove said all its roses are delicately cultivated in boutique rose fields until they reach their peak bloom. Only the most robust rose flowers are selected and hand-picked by farmers. 

From there, the roses go through an innovative preservation method that transforms them into long-lasting roses. With a proprietary solution in place, VLove said it manages to keep the freshness and vibrant colors for years without the need for water or sunlight.

Those who want to check out VLove’s real premium roses may visit the website for more information. 

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