Dooder unveils the importance of content amplification in the broader marketing strategy

October 02 03:27 2021
Dooder says knowing how and when to republish content can help agencies improve their visibility in Google search and amplify their voice as a leader in the digital marketing space.

Dooder has unveiled the top tips on how agencies can amplify their content on social media through a proven method that scales. 

“Agency owners know the value of creating valuable and informative content to help attract leads. They may have published blog posts, social content, and even videos. However, despite these efforts, they’re not being seen. That’s where amplified content comes into the picture,” says Natalie Shahmiri, founder of Dooder.

Content amplification is the process of boosting the impact of content across a large number of channels to increase and enhance interactions with ideal qualified people. 

“When you amplify content, you’re taking a piece of content, like a blog post, and repurposing it elsewhere on the web. Content amplification gets more exposure for your agency and enables you to spend less time creating content,” explains Natalie.

The first step, Natalie explains, is for agency owners to determine what they want this long-form piece of content to be. For example, they can put out a blog post that brings their audience deep into the basics of SEO. 

“When you work on this post, be sure to do your initial keyword research and optimize it for search engines,” Natalie suggests.

After publishing the content, agency owners need to plan on how they want to repurpose their content. As part of a lead generation strategy, Natalie says it’s crucial to consider where they want to link back to. In this case, they may want to drive traffic to their website or back to the original article.

If an article contains exciting data, agency owners might consider turning that into bold Instagram visual content. They can also turn to short-form video as a way to reach an even larger audience or create a YouTube Channel. They can also turn that content into nurture emails. The options are wide open and allows agency owners to take one piece of content and use it in a multitude of ways.

Syndicating content through syndication services is another way to create brand awareness and establish authority, adds Natalie. Syndication services allow agencies to build a campaign and distribute their content through additional channels.

Agencies can turn to a content marketing agency that has top-of-funnel assets to help them grow to $1 million in sales. They can sign up for monthly membership that includes blog posts, social media posts, videos, and more. 

“A content marketing agency can do the keyword research and develop relevant content that are specific to your niche, so you don’t have to. This means no more time spent researching, planning, and trying to keep it fresh ­– just copy and paste, then repurpose, ” explains Natalie. 

Those who want to learn more guides and tips on increasing agency authority through content amplification and other content marketing strategies may visit the Dooder website for more information.

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