This new NFT project called BitPixels will be the 1st rentable NFT pixel project

October 02 02:57 2021
BitPixels NFT project lets people buy & rent out 100×100 pixels and make money forever on blockchain.

NFTs are the new trending topic of 2021. BitPixels brings a new perspective to the NFT marketplace. BitPixels is an NFT project for 100×100 pixels where users can buy and rent out their pixels for advertisement, investment, and fun. It is the 1st rentable NFT Pixel project on Blockchain. BitPixels will start the sale on October 20th, 2021 on

The ability to rent out an NFT pixel is the unique feature of BitPixel compared to its competitors. Users can make back their investment in a short time by renting out their pixels. BitPixels will have a marketplace like Airbnb, where the pixel owners and the renters meet. BitPixels will share advanced analytics for pixels. Furthermore, it will show a title, subtitle, and gif playing when hovering over. The pixel owners are going to receive a 20% reflection reward as people buy/rent out other pixels.

As cryptocurrencies get more popular with the increasing Bitcoin and Ethereum prices, NFT community also grows. The NFT community gets pickier about the quality of the new projects. BitPixels consists of 10,000 pixels and each pixel will be sold for 1 AVAX. After all pixels get sold, the market will determine the price of a pixel.

Owners of the pixels can show a picture on their pixels. If the visitors click on the pixel, they will be directed to the link which owners provide to BitPixels. It is no surprise for NFT projects to be sold out in minutes. It seems like BitPixels will be one of them. It is like a 100×100 online NFT billboard living on the blockchain forever. As more people hear about BitPixels, the value of the pixels will increase.

Avalanche network is a relatively new blockchain with a focus on speed and low transactions costs. Bitpixels will be first on the Avalanche network because of its fast and low fee network. There are some emerging NFT marketplaces on Avalanche such as Kalao, Nftrade, Yeti Swap, and Snowflake. BitPixels may be traded on these marketplaces after the sale. team shares news and NFT giveaways on, and everybody can join the big sale on October 20th, 2021.

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