Caroline Mwelu Mwandiku Brings Attention and Hope to Victims of Domestic Violence Through YouTube Channel

October 01 22:30 2021
A YouTube Channel dedicated to helping the poor and those in need of donations and charitable work.

Caroline Mwelu Mwandiku is changing the world one life at a time with her random acts of kindness showcased on her YouTube channel – True Kindness. With each of her videos, Caroline is sharing stories of those in need of help in Africa.

Caroline aims to reach people in need of help and help them the best way she can with support from charitable people. Her recent case is that of a 23-year-old lady – Mwende, in her village in Kenya, whose story is a difficult one to share.

Caroline paid a visit to Mwende where she discovered her plight. According to Mwende, she returned to her mother’s house from Mombasa, where she had been living with the father of her child. Her mother was sadly not forthcoming with any help. 

This year, according to Mwende, she met the father of her child upon his request. There she learnt that it was at his grandparents’ advice that he had abandoned her, as they told him that he could only achieve success after separating with her traditionally. The traditional method for separation turned out to be abusive, as the man tied her hands and legs. Mwende goes on to explain what happened next and how lucky she was to have survived.

Mwede was rescued by the neighbors and sent for treatment. She is currently in need of dire help. On what her needs are, Mwende says, “I wish to get the right treatments and medications so that I can start to walk again and work for me and my daughter.”

So far, Caroline has helped to make arrangements for some food to be taken to Mwende. With regards to her hygiene, Caroline was able to get a lady through a local female pastor who is willing to bathe Mwende, her daughter and wash her clothes daily. Caroline also was able to arrange for exercises with a physiotherapist to start learning how to walk again.

Caroline has also started a GoFundMe for Mwende and is seeking as much support as is possible.

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