Coach Bonnie Lefrak Explains Why Diets Don’t Work

October 02 02:12 2021
Bonnie, who also owns The Fitness Asylum, a boutique fitness studio brand, shares that weight management is a hormonal event, BUT also learning how to manage the mind will create the lasting results that the average “diet” is completely missing.

When it comes to weight management, Bonnie Lefrak, Transformation Expert, knows that everyone is unique, from one’s physique and hormonal composition to mindset and habits. As a credentialed and experienced Fitness Trainer for over 23 years, and now a Certified Life Coach, she has proven by working with thousands of women that the typical diets don’t work long term.

“The conventionally accepted model of calories in – calories out for weight management is NOT holding up. Weight management is a hormonal event,” she said. While Bonnie opened The Fitness Asylum in 2011 and still advocates for exercise and especially strength training for women, her specialty is in her online coaching programs where she coaches women on their diet mindset.

“There is nothing more inspiring and satisfying than helping women to become stronger, leaner, and more confident. And teaching women how to get off the roller coaster of diets and create a better relationship with food and themselves. Nothing beats this feeling,” she added.

While The Fitness Asylum offers many different transformation programs and 100+ fitness classes for all levels, weekly across all four of its brick-and-mortar locations, Bonnie is best known for creating two unique offerings serving women only.

The Bikini Transformation and Competition Team is once-in-a-lifetime experiences for anyone who has dreamed about getting on stage.And her premier program is the Self-Made High-Level Coaching program for women who want to manage weight, stop restrictive dieting, and stop regaining lost weight.This program is the culmination of her own personal decades-long journey of weight management and her work with clients since 2005.

What sets The Fitness Asylum and Bonnie apart from other gyms and coaches is her tailor-fit style of providing weight management results that go beyond the scale. Bonnie also ensures that all her clients are guided every step of the way. For more information on The Fitness Asylum and or to work directly with Bonnie, visit and

About Bonnie Lefrak

Bonnie is a fitness trainer, nutrition, and life coach – who has been providing customized weight management techniques and solutions to thousands of clients. Her business, The Fitness Asylum, has been helping people to get fit and fabulous for over 10 years. The gym is present in four locations to answer the needs of its growing community. Currently Bonnie takes her expertise online with SELF MADE, her transformative life coaching service available to women across America and around the world.

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