Flows. launches enhanced business tools for Wix website builder

October 02 00:42 2021
Works with third party payment processing, shipments management and messaging centralisation.

They are introducing Flows, a SaaS company to simplify businesses and customers experience with Wix website builder. They provide payment processing integration with worldwide gateways, including in-app payment, QR Code etc. Also, they give the connections to shipping couriers to convert orders to shipping labels. They also provide automation with WhatsApp Business API to receive order updates without a single line of code.

Flows is running a technical preview waitlist where anyone can sign up for early access and get on the list of people who will be invited when we open our doors later this year or early next year! Visit Flows. Website (theflows.app) to sign up today!

Flows’ platform is built to solve several business problems for customers using the Wix website builder. With Flows, they can integrate payment processing, including credit cards, PayPal etc., connect with shipping couriers to get their orders printed into shipping labels and automate the entire customer experience by integrating WhatsApp Business API to receive orders updates without a single line of code.

“We are so excited about the platform we have built! When we were with Wix, I worked closely with our partners and saw how they struggled in their businesses. By building this product, anyone can use any payment gateway with just a few clicks, print shipping labels by simply dragging an order into FedEx or USPS etc., all without writing any code!” – Certified Code Team, makers of Flows.

Flows. opens up opportunities for agencies that already work with Shopify or BigCommerce to include Wix website builder clients on top of revenue share (similar to what Flows is doing). It also provides new business opportunities for small developers who want to make additional money by helping businesses get more customers using their existing websites.

Their platform also allows businesses to have complete visibility of all the incoming orders for any given business day and have full control over the type of messages sent to each customer, depending on the nature of the order. For example, a restaurant that uses Wix website builder may send a different message to customers based on whether their demand is still being prepared or has been shipped out already. They can manage everything from their portal itself.

They also have a significant focus on security and protecting businesses and their customer’s data. They do not store any payment details or any other customer information, and customers can easily remove their account and data from our system at any given time.

This allows for peace of mind as businesses can carry on with their operations without worrying about the safety of their processes or systems that they run on the Wix website builder.

In addition to their technical preview waitlist on the English site, Flows is opening early access for some local markets:

For Taiwan based businesses, please visit www.flowstw.com.

For Hong Kong based companies, please visit www.flowshk.com.

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