Young Prodigy Set to Send Ripples in the World of Pop with a Refreshing and Unique New Single: Maica JL Stuns with New Track “The Impossible Exists”

October 01 13:09 2021
Young Prodigy Set to Send Ripples in the World of Pop with a Refreshing and Unique New Single: Maica JL Stuns with New Track "The Impossible Exists"
Narrating the story of a love in peril, Maica JL’s new single tells us the story of how love perseveres in all situations, tugging the heartstrings of listeners, and piercing hearts and minds.

Maica JL’s new self-penned single “The Impossible Exists” is a tour de force of her musical capacities. As she follows up her single “No Matter What” with another track that is bound to be in the heads of audiences long after they are done listening to it. Drawing inspiration from a wide variety of genres such as pop, R&B, and gospel – Maica JL has always been an artist who never liked to confine herself to one genre of music. The artist’s stirring new track is no different as she takes up the mantle of drawing from across the spectrum of musical genres and builds onto inspiration from a diverse set of musical sources.

The new single tells the story of a relationship that is being internally questioned, dominated by the self-doubt that every relationship often faces. Maica JL’s song tackles a relationship trying to make it work, with burning questions at every point. “The Impossible Exists” sheds light on a world where two lovers are faced with obstacles that come up at every point during their lives, putting their love in jeopardy. Despite all hurdles, however, they find themselves steering their resolve, and deciding to make it through their problems because as the title of the song says, ‘the impossible exists’.

With a composition that engages the ears, and only extends the cadence of the story –  “The Impossible Exists” has been delicately crafted in order to ensure that every possible moment in the song hits at a particular heartstring. Maica has weaved the entire experience in a way that keeps listeners engaged as they come back for a second and third listen.

The music continues the trend of the previous outings of Maica’s as she talks about topics close to her heart, and tries to make a difference with her music- whether this be tackling love or any other societally important issues.

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A 13-year old singer-songwriter in the making of her career, Maica JL is a talent who has been working on her skills since the age of 2, when she first began singing. Not only adept at singing, Maica JL has proven herself to be equally as prolific at performing and dancing.

An artist with an outsized talent for her age, Maica JL has constantly used the stories present around her in her life, and of those around her in her music. Drawing inspiration from the raw, sensory, and moving details of life, Maica allows herself to connect with listeners more, and to give a feel to her music that others in the genre can rarely emit.



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