Cooler King for America – How London’s Favourite Ebike Is Staging a New British Invasion

October 01 12:24 2021
Britain’s Favourite Ebike is Coming to America.

London – 1st October, 2021 – With electric bikes looking like the future is made for them, it’s refreshing to see one company that also has an eye firmly on the past. Cooler King is an ebike outfit from the UK creates electric two wheeled transportation that’s packed with latest technology, but with designs that recollect classic British and Japanese motorcycles of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. And after becoming the chosen mode of transportation for many British celebrities, the London based firm is now bringing it’s fleet of ebikes to Cooler King fans in North America.

The compact retro style Cooler Kub 750S is the first model being made available in the US and Canada, with Cooler King is busy establishing a network of distributors across the continent. Looking something like a 1970’s Honda CB125 from a Mad Max movie the Cooler Kub is taught and powerful but comfortable too. Running on twenty inch wheels with ‘fat’ tires, a torquey 750 watt Bafang motor, front and rear suspension it has a long motorcycle saddle for two people. Cooler King are pitching the Kub as their city bike. A practical long range two seater, with killer looks

Cooler King founder Paul Myers started the company by accident. He tells us, “I was looking for an ebike for myself and everything looked like a shopping bike, with ugly batteries on show, upright forks and clunky frames”. As the firm’s publicity now says, he “wanted something a bit less Mr. Bean, and more Steve McQueen”. So Myers found the look he loved, added all the best of breed components and created a bike for himself. However there was one snag.. He had to build three bikes to make it cost effective. “So, I bit the bullet and built three, offered the other two for sale and they sold the next day”. Intrigued, he then made five more, which sold out a month before their customer delivery date, then seven, then twelve and so on. A business was born and now Cooler King is the ebike of choice among Britain’s a-listers, often referred to as the Aston Martin of electric bikes for their performance, quality and scarcity.

We wait to see if Cooler King can duplicate the same success it has had over in Europe, but after seeing the bikes, we sure hope Cooler King pulls it off.

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