OmniPEMF announces a major meditation update on the NeoRhythm App

September 30 13:45 2021
OmniPEMF has released a brand-new update on the NeoRhythm App that controls the PEMF device in helping people to improve their meditation practices and enhance their sleep, focus, and relaxation.

OmniPEMF is proud to announce the major update of the NeoRhythm app which implemented improvements to both the visual, and the technical aspects.

I am really proud of how far we have come. We are following the OmniPEMF community vigorously and we take into account all the comments, suggestions, and critiques to make the NeoRhythm App even better,” said Marko Kadunc, the CEO of OmniPEMF.

NeoRhythm is a PEMF device that uses specific frequency patterns to support meditation practices and assist the users with relaxing, focusing, and improving sleep. Each frequency is proven to be safe and effective, and it is based on clinical or scientific studies. The PEMF technology encourages the brain to mimic signals provided by the device and helps correct any misaligned brain patterns.

The NeoRhythm app has now several big novelties that meet the users’ individual needs like managing the device through the phone, creating, and running custom sequences, and fully customizable durations of the custom programs. 

However, the most important update is that there are four new meditation types for mindfulness, focus, quiet mind, and open heart. Moreover, there is a new program for Lucid Dreaming. With this, the NeoRhythm app has a total of 12 programs, 6 of which are for meditation.

The opinion of the OmniPEMF community is highly valued and the recommendations and comments from the users are noted for future updates. The app can be found in the Google Play Store or the Apple Store. 

About OmniPEMF

OmniPEMF is a brand of innovative wellness devices for home and professional use, available worldwide. Their devices help thousands of people day after day to perform better, sleep better, meditate better, cope with pain and live a healthier lifestyle in general. OmniPEMF devices are thoroughly tested and proven effective by scientific studies.

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