DOT Software: One Small Piece of the Commercial Driver’s License Puzzle according to

September 28 23:51 2021
DOT Software: One Small Piece of the Commercial Driver's License Puzzle according to

Businesses throughout the United States require commercial drivers. Some need truck drivers to deliver their products to customers and vendors. Others need drivers with a Commercial Driver’s License (also known as CDL) to provide transportation for clients or employees. Commercial drivers are also essential to the construction industry. Those are only a few of the fields in which companies may seek drivers who have earned their CDLs. Many of them don’t truly realize what their drivers go through to obtain their commercial licenses. 

Getting a Commercial Driver’s License

Obtaining a CDL isn’t quite as simple as getting a standard license, as one finds out. One can visit site here with more information about state-specific CDL requirements. Generally speaking, to get a CDL, drivers first have to be licensed to drive a basic passenger vehicle. Their driver’s licenses can’t be expired, and they can’t have any major violations on their driving records. They must also be 18 years old and permanent residents of the state in which they’re applying for a CDL.

Passing the Prerequisites

Of course, that’s only the beginning. To get a commercial learner’s permit, (CLP) drivers have to apply for and provide the full range of documentation, such as their licenses, birth certificates, proofs of residence, and other information. They also have to study the commercial driver’s manual extensively and pass a lineup of knowledge tests, according to and various state departments of motor vehicles. 

Before even being allowed to take the knowledge tests and acquire a CLP, drivers must be deemed healthy enough to provide commercial driving services. They have to pass an in-depth Department of Transportation physical proving they’re healthy. If their blood pressure is too high or they exhibit vision or hearing issues at the time of the physical, they may not be able to get their CLP at all. 

Moving Forward

Once a driver passes the Department of Transportation (DOT) physical and the knowledge tests, he or she must then pass the skills test. That’s the test in which drivers prove they’re capable of operating a commercial vehicle. The test doesn’t just cover driving, though.

Potential CDL holders must first be able to cover several points in a pre-trip inspection. They have to point out numerous parts of the vehicle and carry out a long list of processes while explaining what they’re doing and why. All this happens long before companies like Tenstreet can help employers keep track of their drivers’ credentials.

If prospective CDL holders get the wording just right and prove their driving skills to the instructor, only then are they able to obtain their commercial driver’s licenses. Then, they can become part of a national database known as the Commercial Driver’s License Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse. From there, they have to maintain their commercial licenses by keeping a clean driving record and renewing their medical cards through DOT physicals as needed.

Changing the Commercial Driving Industry

One recent headline says, “Link, dot and XRP lead another altcoin rally as investors opt for cheaper coins with smart-contract capabilities.” That could be an indication that blockchain, the technology behind cryptocurrency, may make its way into the commercial driver’s license sector and bring about certain changes. It’s already developing a major presence in health care and other industries, so commercial transportation would certainly be a logical next step.

For now, commercial drivers have a long road to travel before obtaining their CDLs. Once they’re licensed to drive commercial vehicles, the journey isn’t over. They still have to go through numerous steps to keep those CDLs. Even moving to a new state means they have to go through the entire process all over again. If blockchain does enter the mix, it may make matters a bit simpler for commercial drivers.

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