Premium Aquatics Outlines the Factors to Consider When Buying an Aquarium

September 23 07:24 2021
Premium Aquatics Outlines the Factors to Consider When Buying an Aquarium
Premium Aquatics is a leading aquarium company. In a recent update on its website, the company outlined some of the factors to be considered when buying an aquarium.

Edinburgh, IN – September 23, 2021 – In a website post, Premium Aquatics has highlighted the factors people should consider when choosing an aquarium. 

One of the considerations is size. So, if one is going to keep just a few fish, a standard 200 gallon aquarium will likely be the perfect option. If one plans to have smaller fish or keep larger species of fish, choose the largest tank that will fit budget and space. The larger the aquarium, the better it is for its occupants. On the other hand, larger tanks establish a stable nitrogen cycle faster, making it less stressful for fish. The general guideline of “one inch of fish per gallon of water” works in most situations; however, one must consider body size and long thought.

Tanks come in several types: regular, long, or show tanks. Each has its pros and cons. The type of fish and space requirements typically determine the type of tank one will purchase. Regular tanks are conventional tanks on store shelves or online. They can house large or small schools of fish, depending on size. A 120 gallon aquarium is convenient to keep as an isolation or hospital tank for sick fish. Long tanks are, as named, longer and shallower than conventional tanks. 

Another consideration is the type of glass and tank materials. Glass aquariums are generally less expensive than acrylic and tend to be more scratch-resistant. Acrylic tanks are less resistant to scratching but can be repaired if necessary. Because acrylic tanks are more flexible than glass, they are less likely to break or shatter. If one moves often or rearranges décor, an acrylic tank may be the choice because they are lighter. Glass tanks, while heavy, are considered more scratch-resistant than acrylic. Acrylic tanks have become cloudy over time, while glass will maintain its clarity for much longer.

Like with a 200 gallon fish tank, tanks can take on almost any shape imaginable. Squares, hexagons, cylindrical tanks, bow-fronted tanks, and even coffee table tanks are all available. Rectangular and hexagonal-shaped tanks are the most popular shapes currently. When choosing a shape, confirm it will fit in the location and not impede traffic flow through a room or get accidentally bumped by passersby. Rectangular fish tanks are best for better water quality and overall fish health. A nontraditional tank may do well and look just as nice. However, one may spend more time monitoring and maintaining water quality.

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Premium Aquatics is a family-owned and operated aquarium business. They have been in business since April 1996, and we are dedicated to serving the aquarium hobbyist. The company was one of the first online saltwater stores, if not the very first. Their mission is to bring clients the highest quality aquarium products available at a reasonable price and provide honest, non-bias information on all products.

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