The Bully Market Establishes Dogs as Unique Brands, Harnessing the Power of Social Media

September 22 17:09 2021
The Bully Market Establishes Dogs as Unique Brands, Harnessing the Power of Social Media

In a business climate that is ever changing, versatility and foresight is quintessential to success. The ability to forecast changes and react with forward thinking ideas and concepts will propel any business forward through the ever tumultuous terrain of growth and relevance in today’s fast moving market. 2020 created a new set of challenges that caused many staple businesses to fold across a plethora of industries, brash, aggressive mindsets were needed to survive the trials of Covid. 

The pet industry has long been known to swallow brash businessmen while still in their infancy.  It was the early branding mindset that saw Robert Lee and Bully Market withstand and grow as others grew stagnant and ultimately dropped out of the business world of the American Bully.

Onset of Branding

The Bully Market has long taken the unpaved road of creativity while paving a way for those that came after. The family owned business operated by Robert, his wife Cassandra, and brother Jonathon “Young Nubbz” Houfek, started off as a fledgling kennel based out of Southern California. They sought to acquire dogs that carried a look, and a style that would not only appeal to competitors, but to a far larger segment of consumers. These early acquisitions of dogs such as Lock and Load would create a look that was exclusive to the Bully Market brand, and put a young businessman in the driver seat of the ever competitive breeder market place.

The Birth of Beastro

If Lock and Load put him in the driver seat, then the coming of Beastro put him on the racetrack, and the young blue-tri American Bully quickly earned a coveted poll position when he created the very first solo-dog National tour with the young phenom. Traveling from California, to up and down the east coast handled by Nubbz, Beastro rapidly secured his brand as a Nationally recognized icon in the industry. Bully Market attached its brand to Beastro and the value of all he touched increased ten fold during his time on the show circuit. Bully Market became a household name and the American Bully flourished under his prosperity. Bully Market not only saw the returns of notoriety, but the opportunities in business that were created through it.  

The Media Movement

The pet market was initially vastly controlled through print. Magazines, brochures and pedigrees were the printed currency to achieve the popularity needed to become a household name. In turn these print vehicles controlled who saw the largest of market shares. Social media as in all business changed all of that. Facebook put the business world on notice, that the small business could be controlled by likes. Bully Market wasted little time on capitalizing on the global reach of the social media giant. Gaining Facebook friends by the thousands before the market changed and the company put a cap on its free social media reach. By this time Bully Market and Beastro had surpassed well over a six-figure following and could control its own destiny. 

The foresight for Robert Lee was not based on being reactive, but proactive. This is what propelled him to Instagram in its onset, recognizing the monetizing of Facebook and how it was going to limit business and control the reach of his brand. His jumping to the digital photo giant was industry changing. Bully Market secured followers by the thousands while the rest of the breeding world was still reeling from the changes to Facebook and the censorship that followed, as well as branding limits placed on the social media market.  Instagram became another vehicle that would keep the brand in front of fresh eyes, and the fresh minds of the ever growing consumer. Bully Market has long been known to set the trend before others flooded it with the regurgitated ideas of the masses. Bully Market was able to do the same with SnapChat and now has capitalized on the quick minute snippets to further strengthen its brand and reach over the past 36 months. 

The Pet-demic

The onset of Covid-19 was one of the most unprecedented trials to hit the pet business in decades. Yet while some panicked at the unknown of a global pandemic, the Bully Market team saw an opportunity for growth, all while testing their business model against the unexpected. Their aggressive online presence continued to push their line of products and puppies to a growing market of individuals who increased their screen time, by almost 2-3 hours during Covid. This change in the market subsequently added to growth and the pandemic that gripped the world, became the pet-demic that opened more eyes to the Bully Market and brought more four legged family members into homes across the country!

Diversifying the Bully Portfolio

The world of dogs can be as small as a litter of puppies, or as vast as a semi truck full of marbles. Bully Market recognized that the dog’s could be individual brands, each one carving out a niche market, within the Bully Market. From the show success of Beastro and the Buss, to the popularity and success stories of Derp and Bando. Each Bully  playing a role in the growth of the business. The true testament of the Bully Markets success is its presence in every realm of the pet industry. From skateboards, to Bully Market clothing ran by Cassandra, to numerous ventures into the CBD, and cannabis industries in Southern California. The love of dogs has moved into a successful marketing business for other brands, outside of dogs. The Bully Market has grown into a mogul in the community and the hunger to continue expanding into various aspects of business has made it always a Bull Market… regardless of the business venture.

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