Fourdesire Launches #SaveEarthSkin Campaign in Support of World Ozone Day

September 15 01:18 2021
Join the Plant Nanny 2 #SaveEarthSkin Challenge and Help Support a Healthy Planet for Future Generations

TAIPEI, TAIWAN – Fourdesire has unveiled a new digital campaign, #SaveEarthSkin, for its popular hydration app Plant Nanny 2 in a bid to increase awareness for World Ozone Day. To attract more users to join the challenge, the company commits to donate funds to the Rainforest Alliance and help conserve forests in sustainable ways.

World Ozone Day is observed on September 16 each year. More than 30 years ago, scientists alerted the world of a hole in the ozone layer caused by man-made, ozone-depleting substances that exposes people to harmful ultraviolet radiation and poses a major threat to humanity. Since then, governments around the world have worked together with the aim of reducing the use of ozone-depleting chemicals by 99 percent. Thanks to this prompt action, the ozone layer is recovering and World Ozone Day celebrates the success of this international collaboration.    

In an effort to reinforce the importance of ozone layer preservation, Fourdesire will run the new #SaveEarthSkin campaign September 11-29 for its award-winning, self-care app, Plant Nanny 2. Any interested users can join the challenge via the app’s Instagram platform. For every two additional Instagram followers gained, the Taiwan-based app developer will donate one dollar to the Rainforest Alliance. Hence, by drinking more water, users simultaneously stay hydrated, maintain skin health and fight deforestation.

“#SaveEarthSkin is a great example of how creative initiatives can bring people together toward a common, sustainable goal,” Wei-Fan Chen, CEO and founder of Fourdesire, said. “Our fans embrace self-improvement, healthy communities and a healthy planet. We’re incredibly excited to provide them a new venue to share their passion and contribute to a meaningful cause.”


“This campaign brings our mission to life, which is to help people maintain health through play,” Chen added. “The ozone layer is crucial to human life, as is hydration, and it therefore deserves our continuous, dedicated support.”

Released in 2019, Plant Nanny 2 aims to motivate users to develop better wellness habits when it comes to drinking their daily intake of water. Starting from September, an upgraded version of Plant Nanny 2 will also be available with a user-friendly iOS widget, providing more personalized reminders to help users improve their water-drinking habits. Furthermore, a new Hydration Challenge feature will be added, allowing users to earn extra rewards upon achieving their monthly water intake target.

About Fourdesire

Fourdesire is a major digital design company based in Taiwan. Its goal is to bring together entertainment, design and technology. Fourdesire believes in the power of fun to solve problems in real life; the company’s playful apps allow users to address all kinds of practical concerns, such as physical health, mental well-being and financial literacy, in an engaging and interactive way.

Since its establishment in 2012, Fourdesire’s apps have a proven track record of success with over 30 million downloads worldwide and recognition of their top-ranking apps by industry leaders. Plant Nanny 2, the firm’s first app, was named Best App by Google Play in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Italy and Spain in 2019.

In 2014, the firm launched Walkr — Galaxy Adventure in Your Pocket and received the Best Game Award from the Apple App Store. This app focuses on making physical activities such as walking more enjoyable. In 2017, the app builder released Fortune City, a personal expense tracking app and another phenomenal success, named the Best App in Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Google Play Store and the winner of the Red Dot Design Award in 2018. The company’s latest product is To-Do Adventure, launched in September 2020 — a task-management app that transforms boring to-do lists into exciting adventures, helping users improve their productivity and time-management skills.

Passionate about bringing more play into people’s everyday lives, Fourdesire continues to develop its range of innovative games and expand its international footprint.

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