Extreme weather brings extreme roofing problems, but Emery Construction is here to help

September 09 21:36 2021
Extreme weather brings extreme roofing problems, but Emery Construction is here to help
Emery Roofing provides Dallas Residential Roofing and Fort Worth Residential Roofing Services
People are fixing their roofs so they waste less energy

Plano, Texas – No one has been able to escape the broad sweeping effects of global climate change, and without a doubt those effects have been steadily trickling down into the public’s everyday lives. Brutal temperatures have scorched their way through the country and taken a heavy toll. Unequipped to deal with such conditions, people have been struggling. These monstrous temperatures have led to heat related illnesses, injuries and even casualties in some tragic cases.

The threat to human health and safety isn’t the only issue brought on by these dangerous climate changes. Methods that used to be sufficient in making the haze of summer heat or frostbitten winters bearable have been completely overwhelmed by these waves of wild weather over the past few years. With no end in sight and only predictions that it will get worse on the horizon, people are searching for every solution at their disposal to maximize their energy efficiency and minimize their resource loss.

The roofing industry is experiencing an uptick in business as people look to improve their home’s energy retention by reducing the amount of energy wasted through old or faulty roofs. Updating an old roof might not be the first thing one might think of in terms of energy maximization, but many are finding it to be a valuable investment in their future. Emery Construction is one local company that has been filling their schedule in order to meet the rising demand.

“This crazy weather has been hurting all of us, you know? It’s hurting our roofs too. They’re not built for all these extremes, but we want to fix that. We want to help people stay safe and comfortable, and we can do that by improving the roofing situations of our customers,” stated a company representative when asked about the boom in roofing business.

Emery Construction has been doing Dallas residential roofing and Fort Worth residential roofing for years, and the company takes a special pride in serving the area. They’ve cultivated an extensive list of roofing solutions in order to meet any needs that their clients could present. This has made them uniquely successful in improving the energy efficiency of their customers’ roofs.

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