Empowered Acting: How Upmethod Leverages Cutting-Edge AI Technology to Help Actors Improve Their Skills

September 09 14:18 2021

The Revolutionary Entertainment App Empowers Aspiring Artists to Create Their Own Portfolio, Track Their Progress, and Get Feedback From A.I 

It is no secret that Hollywood is one of the toughest, most saturated industries to break into; yet millions of aspiring actors and actresses dream of seeing their name on the big screen. So in a pool of millions seeking the same job, how does one stand out from the competition to place themselves as a frontrunner for any given role? Typically, it is the actor who has put in the work to fine-tune their craft and master the art of acting. The problem here is that one-on-one coaching is incredibly expensive and difficult to find. Upmethod, the revolutionary new app is changing the face of the acting industry through artificial intelligence. 

Upmethod acts as a personal one-on-one coach for aspiring actors around the world; helping identify performance strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. Users simply log in and create their account, select a script from their favorite film or actor, record performance, and receive feedback from the Upmethod AI bot. This cutting-edge technology uses both face and voice recognition to evaluate performance in all aspects, helping actors everywhere level up their performance while creating a one-of-a-kind portfolio to land them the role of their dreams. 

The Upmethod AI technology is unlike anything Hollywood has ever seen before and is expected to help both rookies and professionals alike as they practice new roles with dynamic emotions. Founded by Remie Mayfallia in 2021, the concept for Upmethod grew from personal experience. Having spent hundreds of dollars on boring acting classes that did not provide the one-on-one guidance he needed, Remie knew that there must be a better way for actors to work on their skills while having fun and without breaking the bank — thus Upmethod was born. 

While the acting industry can be incredibly tough, Upmethod is preparing the next generation of award-winning actors, equipping them with the tools, confidence, and portfolio they need to stand out from the competition. 

To learn more about Upmethod, please visit: http://www.upmethodapp.com/ 

About Upmethod

Upmethod is a new, revolutionary application designed to help aspiring actors fine-tune their skills by leveraging the power of AI. Founded in 2021 by Remie Mayfallia, Upmethod empowers individuals to put their acting abilities to the test, and receive immediate feedback on performance, instead of spending a fortune on traditional acting classes. Users can practice with scripts from various films or their favorite actors, and be reviewed by the Upmethod AI technology to touch on strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. Completely customized to the user, Upmethod allows users to learn at their own pace from anywhere in the world with their very own one-on-one coach. 




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