Epic Rings is Transforming The Way Men Buy a Wedding Band

September 06 15:39 2021
Epic Rings is a California-based company that currently offers a promotional discount on their entire selection of men’s rings.

According to a study conducted in 2019, an average men’s wedding ring costs approximately $510 while a female wedding band is more than $1,000. Given that the vast majority of brands prioritize either quality work or affordability, the costs of men’s wedding bands haven’t been as consistent in the past few years. 

Epic Rings, a retailer retailer based in California that specializes in manufacturing quality men’s wedding bands and tungsten rings have found a solution for soon-to-be grooms in the form of exquisitely designed, yet remarkably affordable ring designs. 

The brand points out that a quality product is substantially more important than the price tag, emphasizing the need for durability, style, and ultimately longevity. Epic Rings “are epic because we offer unparalleled quality. From the point of conception until they’re in your hands, we prioritize strength, style, and longevity.”

One of the main reasons why Epic Rings products are far superior to most of the brand’s contemporaries is the choice of materials the company uses to craft ‘epic’ rings. As the brand states, they mainly use Tungsten to create exquisite wedding band for men.

“The materials we use are ten times harder than gold, several times harder than titanium, and they will hold their shape until the end of time. That’s because Tungsten, our metal of choice, is timeless and incredibly tough. It won’t wear down or bend, it won’t scratch, and it will shine on as a symbol of love and devotion, forever. Timeless in function and design, everlasting by nature.”

Aside from sturdiness, the unique flair and design of Epic Rings are what made them one of the current leaders in their market. The state-of-the-art technologies in the hands of experienced artisans have produced a myriad of colorful, perfectly shaped men’s wedding bands:

“Materials often don’t come out with vibrant colors, but we make that happen. We embolden each piece with a PVD process, which delivers a rich, luxurious shade of color, permanently evolving the exterior surface. Thin layers of color are deposited to improve the composition, all within a high-temperature, vacuum environment. Tungsten Carbide, which is a natural gray, converts into a deep obsidian black, a beloved rose gold or a brilliant blue — whatever color we deem worthy of your name.”

Epic Rings is currently hosting a grand sale, with products that are now available at a fraction of their original price. Obsidian rings, for example, used to cost $329 and are now available for $149 while the widely acclaimed Savant used to cost $375 and is now available at $179. Customers can benefit from the 20% discount by using the promo code ‘EPIC20’. 

More information about Epic Rings and the brand’s catalog can be found on the company’s official website.

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