Certified Hypnotherapist Dr. Rod Fuentes Announces New Book “Spiritual Dad, Poor Dad” Teaching the Ancient 8 Codes of Life

September 03 14:02 2021
Readers learn about the ancient wisdom of 8 Codes of Life that has existed for more than 25,000 years and use the knowledge to improve every aspect of their lives

Memphis, TN – Certified hypnotherapist and life coach Dr. Rod Fuentes announces his book titled “Spiritual Dad, Poor Dad,” detailing 5 minute daily meditations and revealing secrets of what highly spiritual people teach their kids about life that the materialistic don’t… but should.

Readers will also learn the secrets of the “8 Codes of Life,” a mental and spiritual philosophy practised by the people living in the coastal regions of Peru and Chile about 25,000 years ago. The code was part of the ideology that helped establish and grow that ancient civilization that sunk into the Pacific Ocean.

The 8 Codes of Life survived thousands of years and preserved through word of mouth and by selected individuals up to this day. Dr. Rod Fuentes, born in the Chilean Andes, was trained under the guidance of one of the “Codes Keepers” or Kepper of the “8 Codes of Life” very early in his life.

“The “8 Codes of Life” were never written before. The book just released on Amazon is the only one ever written that explains them with many real life examples,” said Dr. Rod Fuentereal-life Andes Quantum Jump Institute. “By adopting the 8 Codes of Life, you will learn the true rules of the game of life for a chance to finally start winning and your ancient limits will be left behind.”

Many people who have challenges achieving certain goals in business, relationship, health, career, and profession think the obstacles are only physical. However, Dr. Rod Fuentes, with over 30 years of experience researching, documenting, and implementing powerful personal development and psychology of change, knows very well that most problems are beyond the physical. That’s what inspired him to write this book, educating readers on using an ancient secret to improve their mental and spiritual life.

Spiritual Dad, Poor Dad and the lessons of the 8 Codes of Life is for anyone 25 years and older who want to change their lives and experience something new and exciting. It combines a culture that has existed for thousands of years with modern transformational therapy like NLP, Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching to help people find new meaning to their existence and achieve their desired goals.

To purchase the book on Amazon, please visit https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09CTZ21GR

For more information on Dr. Rod Fuentes and the Andes Quantum Jump Institute, please visit https://www.andesquantumjump.com/.

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Andes Quantum Jump Institute offers International seminars, workshops, online courses and transformational mental and spiritual journeys for people of all ages and gender. The founder Dr. Rod Fuentes hosts a radio program, “Quantum Jump”, on HealthyLife.Net, teaching people in the USA and 35 countries about the knowledge of the 8 Codes of Life and how they can use it to unleash their inner power.

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