TAM Creating Ambassadors of Peace LLC, Reinforcing Positive Values in Young People to Achieve a Peaceful World

September 03 15:45 2021
TAM Creating Ambassadors of Peace LLC, Reinforcing Positive Values in Young People to Achieve a Peaceful World

Behavioral and societal vices are issued that have plagued the world for centuries and communities have suffered the most for their existence. From violence to hang wars to all forms of negative culture, the world has seen it all, but Dr. Theresa A. Moseley says all of that is over through her initiative, TAM Creating Ambassadors of Peace LLC.

The initiative provides inspirational and motivational speeches to groups looking for ways to resolve conflicts in communities, schools, and other organizations looking to create a peaceful climate and culture. The goal is to promote the idea that every issue can be resolved no matter how seemingly big the problem is. Dr Theresa believes strongly that every behaviour is learned and can thus be unlearned. Describing her goals, Dr. Theresa A. Moseley said, “There are people in the world who care about everyone. We have compassion and empathy. We communicate and do not retaliate. We attack the problem, not the person. I want the readers to know that we can change the state of the world, one person at a time. I am ready to address any needs of an organization that wants to have a positive culture and climate. It takes a village to have world peace.”

Being a United States Army Veteran, Dr. Theresa Moseley is a strong advocate of peace and the Fayetteville, North Carolina-born peace advocate has done a lot of work in building people’s mentality to adopt peaceful measures in their daily activities. She is a motivational and inspirational speaker, four-time best-selling author, two-time international best-selling author, and a three-time award-winning educator. TAM Creating Ambassadors of Peace LLC was established to drive impact globally and one community at a time, Dr. Moseley is edging closer to those goals.

Beyond the work that TAM Creating Ambassadors of Peace LLC does, Dr. Theresa amplified that work by writing books about love, peace, hope, and purpose. She writes positive messages and uses her life experiences to teach and instill life-changing values. One of her books, Creating Ambassador of Peace: 16 Steps to Become and Ambassador of Peace is an Amazon Best Seller. Also, working in the education sector for 26 years contributes to her effective running of TAM Creating Ambassadors of Peace LLC. She has received awards from Prince George’s County Chamber of Commerce for Excellence in Education in 1999 and Prince George’s County Outstanding Educator in 2006. She also received the Excellence in Gifted and Talented Education Award from the Maryland Department of Education. 

Her books center on the best ways to communicate, have compassion, and empathy for others. She’s also big on attacking the problem rather than the person and respecting others. Under Dr. Theresa A. Moseley’s leadership, TAM Creating Ambassadors of Peace LLC has ensured a reduction of violence in schools and communities, and it has vowed to do more over the next few years. Losing two cousins and two of her students to violence motivated the creation of TAM Creating Ambassadors of Peace LLC, and so far, it’s been a laudable cause that has brought about changes in the society with the world at large in view.

The goal is to partner with schools and world peace organizations to assist children and young people from difficult backgrounds to embrace better ways of lives than violence. TAM Creating Ambassadors of Peace is laser-focused on global impact, and Dr. Theresa A. Moseley is all prepared to make it happen.

Learn more about TAM Creating Ambassadors of Peace on the official website.

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